MORNING EXTRA! Gustavsen knew “manipulation of the county finance system” not part of job duties

Retired County Treasurer Martha Gustavsen shares a happy moment with her granddaughter.


Conroe, January 5 – Yesterday County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport admitted in a written statement that the County Treasurer Office procedures manual that she’s hiding from the public contains “step by step instructions on how to manipulate the county finance system.” Therefore, The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper asked her predecessor Martha Gustavsen whether having such a methodology would ever be within the job duties or functions of the County Treasurer.

Gustavsen’s answer was unequivocal: “Never. Linda Breazeale had been county auditor only about six months when I took office. She was hard to work with at times but I always felt she tried to do the right and honest thing. She had worked for Marilyn and gone through the Weldon and Marilyn debacle so Linda was a straight shooter. Linda watched the finance system like a hawk as I did.”

Nothing in the duties of a County Treasurer under the Texas Constitution or under Chapter 83 of the Texas Local Government Code, which establishes the Treasurer’s statutory duties, includes manipulating the county finance system. The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) provides guidance to county treasurers with respect to their job duties. Nothing in the TAC literature includes manipulating the county finance system among the duties of a County Treasurer. Similarly, the Texas County Treasurers’ Association (TCTA) has published a 96-page Resource Guide for its members to explain their job duties and functions. Absolutely nothing in the TCTA Resource Guide includes anything remotely close to manipulation of a county’s finance system among the job duties of a County Treasurer.




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