MORNING EXTRA! Courier blog runs completely fake news story, Doyal, Riley directly contradicted story in last night’s debate!


Conroe, January 24 – The Courier blog, which is little more than a pro-establishment, pro-Doyal, fake news blog, published a story last night which directly contradicts the comments of Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley who acknowledged that Woodlands Parkway Extension is still on the Major Thoroughfare Plan and that they intend to construct it in the future. Their comments are fully contained in The Golden Hammer‘s article today, “Montgomery County Commissioner Riley, County Judge Doyal Confirm Their Support Of Woodlands Parkway Extension During Patriots PAC Debates, Despite Doyal’s Angry Outburst 9 Hours Earlier Claiming The Contrary.”

The headline of the Courier article published last night is “Despite Keough claims, Woodlands Parkway extension not renamed or in the works Doyal says,” written, of course, by establishment reporter Catherine Dominguez. In the article, Dominguez quoted both Doyal and Halff Associates engineer James Baker that the Woodlands Parkway Extension is not part of the Tx 249 Tollway project. Doyal contradicted those comments during the January 23, 2018, candidate debate, which the Texas Patriots Tea Party PAC sponsored, as set out in The Golden Hammer‘s article today.

In the Courier blog story, Dominguez quoted Doyal as saying, “There are no plans to construct the Woodlands Parkway (extension) today. But I do know it is still on our Major Thoroughfare Plan and it has been since 1979.”

Last night in the candidate forum, however, Doyal said,

“Where Woodlands Parkway is proposed to come out [on the major thoroughfare plan], Woodtrace it’s there today. It’s not Woodlands Parkway. It’s an overpass for the road. Do I think Woodlands Parkway will be built at some point? Yes. 2 years, 5 years, Woodlands Parkway will be extended to 249!” (Emphasis added.)

2016 Major Thoroughfare Plan, which Craig Doyal and Charlie Riley approved, showing Woodtrace Boulevard as the new name for WPX. The $73 million, 3.6 mile, Tx 249 Tollway, also known as the Decimation of Hope Highway, includes funding to build the bridge and exit off Tx 249 to the first section of “Woodtrace Boulevard” to begin the construction of that road, which very obviously is none other than the Woodlands Parkway  Extension. Seriously, how stupid do Doyal, Riley, Dominguez, and Dubois think we are?!

Dominguez told The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher on December 2, 2016, that she believes Craig Doyal is “cute.” Dominguez has been pro-establishment throughout her very biased career pretending to be a reporter. On April 16, 2003, after new Montgomery County Hospital District Board member Eric Yollick (now the Publisher of The Golden Hammer) successfully moved to reduce the MCHD Budget by $5 million at his first Board meeting, after his appointment to the Board, the District fired Dominguez as its Director of Public Relations. As a result, Dominguez has been on the warpath against Yollick for fifteen years.

In recent years, the Courier blog, formerly The Conroe Courier newspaper, has become little more than a pro-establishment public service announcement which Doyal and his “chief of staff” jim fredricks, who was formerly the editor of the Courier blog, controls.

Here’s the Courier blog version of Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal. Courier reporter Catherine Dominguez has said she thinks Doyal is “cute.” 




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