Montgomery County voters send establishment GOP Precinct Chairs packing, elect conservative reformers

Precinct 66 Republican Chairman Adrian Kaiser.

Conroe, March 8 – Voters sent the wave of reform through the County Republican Party Executive Committee on Tuesday, March 6, along with the election of reform candidates for public servants in County-wide positions. In 11 of 14 contested Precinct Chair electoral contests, conservative reformers came out on top over candidates from the moderate political establishment.

Three reformers defeated longtime incumbent Precinct Chairs. In Oak Ridge North, Jon Paul Bouche defeated longtime Marisa Rummell, who is known for supporting the monopolistic water pricing policies of the San Jacinto River Authority and for her liberal voting record on the County GOP Executive Committee.

In Precinct 40, which is the Longmire area in Conroe which votes at Cryar Elementary, senior Precinct Chair Jim Schulze, one of the closest allies of County GOP Chairman Walter D. Wilkerson, Jr., lost to conservative reformer Henry Daniels. Perhaps the most shocking defeat came at the hands of young conservative firebrand Samuel Allison who defeated moderate David Tate, a Precinct Chair who is a close political ally of corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport and County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, who lost her race for re-election in Tuesday Primary Election.

The full Precinct Chair results follow:

Precinct 13 – Bryan Christ, 399 votes, lost to conservative reformer Brian Crumby, 489 votes.

Precinct 16 – Roberta Martin, 163 votes, lost to conservative reformer Wally “Doc” Wst, 248 votes.

Precinct 17 – David Tate, 230 votes, lost to conservative reformer Samuel Allison, 268 votes.

Precinct 29 – Linda Stuckey, 451 votes, defeated conservative reformer Maureen Ball, 323 votes.

Precinct 35 – Marisa Rummell, 275 votes, lost to conservative reformer Jon Paul Bouche, 372 votes.

Precinct 40 – Jim Schulze, 332 votes, lost to conservative reformer Henry Daniels, 378 votes.

Precinct 57 – Curtis West, Jr., 132 votes, lost to conservative reformer Ashley Burke, 233 votes.

Precinct 60 – Les French, 32 votes, lost to conservative reformer Andy Nedrow, 95 votes.

Precinct 66 – Ron Roach, 224 votes, lost to conservative reformer Adrian Kaiser, 254 votes.

Precinct 70 – Judy Powell, 175 votes, lost to conservative reformer Jack Munich, 188 votes.

Precinct 77 – Carole Parsons, 431 votes, defeated conservative reformer Robin Dupuy, 406 votes.

Precinct 78 – Conservative Keith Wagner, 274 votes, defeated conservative Todd Blackford, 198 votes.

Precinct 86 – Amanda Whittington, 205 votes, lost to conservative reformer Jennie Stephenson, 507 votes.

Precinct 96 – Raquel Lewis, 102 votes, and Al Schlieske, 28 votes, lost to conservative reformer Patrick Scott Green, 183 votes.

On Wednesday, March 7, conservative reform-minded citizens received an additional bonus when the Chair of GOP Precinct 82, Jodi Ruonavar, an ultraliberal associate of the Davenport Ring, resigned from her position after complaints about her inappropriate behavior as a Party official from Republican candidates and elected officials.




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