Montgomery County Tea Party to allow uneducated ruffian to speak on $807 million Conroe ISD bond

Montgomery County Tea Party to allow uneducated ruffian to speak on $807 million Conroe ISD bond

Conroe, March 4 – The Montgomery County Tea Party (“MCTP”), with its President away from town, has made the terrible error of permitting an uneducated ruffian to speak tonight, Monday, March 4, 2019, at 6:30 p.m., on the subject of “The Facts Behind Conroe ISD’s $807 Million Bond Proposal.” The errant speech will occur at the Church @ 242, 9268 State Highway 242, Conroe, Texas, about half a mile east of Interstate 45.

The uneducated ruffian has tried to speak to several organizations which have, so far, not permitted him to make a presentation, because, so it seems, they only want to hear the pro-bond “facts” in Conroe Independent School District (CISD) Superintendent Dr. Curtis Null’s carefully-prepared speech. Those organizations, which have not permitted any presentation contradicting any of Null’s “facts” include the Woodlands Township, Woodlands Area Republican Women, Greater Conroe Chamber of Commerce, Woodlands Chamber of Commerce, Conroe Rotary, Woodlands Rotary, Liberty Belles Republican Women, Greater Houston Builders Association, Houston Area Realtors, Texas Patriots PAC, Montgomery County Pachyderms, and the CISD’s pro-bond PAC. Null has refused to debate the uneducated ruffian.

Null has a Ph.D. in Professional Leadership. The uneducated ruffian is an uneducated ruffian who never graduated from the CISD and, reportedly, doesn’t know how to write.

Null usually won’t answer questions. The uneducated ruffian has indicated that he’ll answer questions.

Null’s canned speech includes a slide presentation which CISD has presented on its pro-bond-advocacy website. The uneducated ruffian has disclosed that he will include some slides, a brief musical presentation, and video footage.

Null has not yet openly utilized the phrase that the $807 million bond package is “for the children.” The uneducated ruffian claims that he is acting “for the children.”

MCTP Vice President Lynette Smith reluctantly confirmed the speaking engagement.



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