Montgomery County Tea Party President Tibbs criticizes Willis ISD drag queen teaching high school cosmetology class

Patricia Ann Cherry Tibbs, President, Montgomery County Tea Party.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, November 13 – Montgomery County Tea Party President Pat Tibbs has criticized Willis Independent School District (WISD) for the school district bringing a drag queen into a Willis High School cosmetology class to teach and interact with students on October 18, 2019. WISD has made clear that it does not give a care about public criticism.

On Monday, November 11, 2019, Willis High School Principal Stephanie Hodgins spoke defiantly at the WISD Board of Trustees meeting. Stephanie Hodgins, the Principal of Willis High School, also spoke and attempted to defend her terrible decision to bring a sexually-oriented adult entertainer into the school district. “This job is the most demanding job I’ve ever had…I’m relatively new to town. The issue is whether this is helping children to grow academically?”

A number of parents and concerned citizens have expressed the concern that Willis High School and WISD should never have invited a person involved in a sexually oriented business into a high school class to teach.

On Tuesday, November 12, however, Tibbs offered a very different perspective about the decision of Hodgins to invite a drag queen into the classroom to teach makeup techniques to the school children.

Tibbs’ full statement follows:

“Back in 1967 I passed the state board and became a licensed cosmetologist.  Back then I had to have taken so many hours of instruction (1000) and pass an exam given by the state.  I had to have a blood test to make sure I had no communicable diseases.

“To pass the exam you are graded on a written exam as well as judged on giving a haircut, permanent wave, manicure, pedicure and facials.  Makeup application was not covered then nor is it now.

“I searched the license requirements for Texas and no mention is made of makeup application.  If makeup application is not part of the licensing process, why would the school provide a makeup artist (who probably is not licensed at all) as part of the cosmetology class?

“I understand from the article that this entertainer was security checked….so that the school had to know his name.  Was he licensed by the state?  Just more points to ponder.”

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, has confirmed that the drag queen was not licensed as a cosmetologist. Rather, the Principal of Willis High School merely made an ad hoc decision to allow this person to teach a class, even though he had no qualifications to do so.



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