Montgomery County Risk Management Department Attempts to Grab Huge Mid-Year Raises

Chart showing current Montgomery County government Risk Management Department employees’ salaries and the proposed positions and salaries under the salary grabs Risk Management Director Virginia Little will ask lame duck Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and the Commissioners Court to approve on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Data source: Montgomery County government.

Conroe, March 24 – With Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal a lame duck who will leave office on December 31, 2018, and a possible turnover of two other members of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, Montgomery County government Risk Management Department Director Virginia Little will ask the Court to approve a massive salary grab for four of her top employees in her already top-heavy Department which suffers some of the worst management and operations in entire County government. The mid-year raises for the four employees average 24.4%, although one employee, Roddy Martin II, would receive a 56.9% increase in pay from the taxpayers under the grab.

The problem began with Little’s poor management of her Department. She terminated her Assistant Director who made a salary of $83,559.58. She has failed to fill a vacancy in a Risk Analyst position at $48,900.28 salary.

Little has now relied upon her failure to fill vacancies and her inability to keep competent staff as a pretext for a supposed need to give salary increases to four current members of her staff. Little plans to “Ducharme” the taxpayers of Montgomery County, a commonly-used reference citizens, hit hard by County property tax increases, have begun to utilize to refer to County government Department Directors who seek massive mid-year employee raises rather than seeking to justify those positions and the level of compensation during formal budget hearings.

Here are the specifics of how Little seeks to Ducharme County taxpayers:

  • Curtis Fitzgerald, a safety officer who makes $85,364.55 in salary, will receive a major promotion to assistant director and earn $91,237.00, which is approximately $8,000 than the outgoing assistant director. That’s a 6.9% mid-year raise.
  • Roddy Martin, II, who has been an employee of Montgomery County for approximately six months and is a safety coordinator making $53,862.56, will receive a promotion to safety officer and a raise to $80,105.00, or a 56.9% increase!
  • Dana Moreno and Jamie Meinkowsky are both risk analysts making $53,788.02, but Little seeks to Ducharme them to risk administrator receiving $62,400.16, or 16.01% increases in pay mid-year.

At the same time, Little seeks to reduce a risk analyst position to a clerk IV position and to reduce the pay of the current safety coordinator by $2,000 per year. In other words, Little is acknowledging that Martin already receives $2,000 in pay more than he should in his current job.

Little’s Department’s salary grab and Ducharmeing of the taxpayers reflects a terribly-run Department where the management clearly has no idea what functions are necessary. Remember, the current salaries and positions are the ones the Commissioners Court approved when Little asked for those salaries and positions approximately nine months ago.

There is no reason the Commissioners Court should have any confidence in Little’s management plan now. The Commissioners Court should “just say ‘no.'”



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