Montgomery County Republican Party sends message to County Commissioners Court: “Don’t raise taxes”

The Montgomery County Republican Party met on Tuesday, September 1, 2020, to adopt the resolution against a tax increase, which Magnolia Precinct Chair Adrian Kaiser (in yellow shirt and blue jacket near foreground) authored.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, September 2 – In the midst of the government-created Chinese Coronavirus economic downturn, people expect taxing entities to offset rising appraisals with lower tax rates. The Montgomery County Republican Party took a strong stand last night against predatory appraisals and the politicians who take advantage of them.

After a raucous debate, the Montgomery County Republican Party’s County Executive Committee, composed of the elected Precinct Chairs from all across this community, voted overwhelmingly to adopt a resolution, which Precinct 66 Republican Chairman Adrian Kaiser authored. The action occurred at an emergency meeting which twenty-two (22) of the Republican Precinct Chairs called in order for it to occur before the Montgomery County Commissioners Court’s vote on Tuesday, September 8.

The vote was 37 in favor of the Kaiser resolution and only 4 against it.

Kaiser told The Golden Hammer, “The passage of this resolution shows that the taxpayers in this county that the Republican Party does have their interests at heart. Furthermore, it destroys the Democrat lie that the Republican Party only cares about corporate big-wigs and rich people.” He added, “I’m really happy that the Party considered my resolution and adopted it this evening.”

Precinct 66 Republican Chairman Adrian Kaiser’s Resolution.



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