Montgomery County Republican Party Officers offer to meet with Wilkerson after SREC Officials Committee gives Wilkerson 5 days to agree to comply with duly-adopted County Party Bylaws

President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, knew he received good advice when he consulted with Reagan Reed, Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman, Montgomery County GOP Precinct Chairman, conservative activist, and the Houston Correspondent for Empower Texans.

Conroe, September 23 – Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, as well as the Party’s other officers and Steering Committee members, offered to meet with County Republican Chairman Wally Wilkerson during the next day, after the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) ruled on September 22 that the June 26 Bylaws, which the Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee adopted, are valid and after the SREC’s Officials Committee gave Wilkerson five days to agree to abide by the Bylaws, or else the Officials Committee will proceed with consideration of a Rule 8(k) Complaint, which a majority of Montgomery County Republican Precinct Chairs filed against him. The Officials Committee determined on Friday, September 21, 2018, that the Rule 8(k) Complaint had “merit.”

Since June 26, 2018, the grassroots conservatives, whom County GOP Chairman Wally Wilkerson hold a majority of the County Republican Party, have extended the olive branch and encouraged Wilkerson to work them them. Wilkerson has canceled all of such meetings, including an opportunity to appear in the popular show “It’s Hammer Time” to feature Republican Party unity. On Saturday, September 2, 2018, the grassroots conservatives offered – again – to meet with Wilkerson.

The Officers of the Montgomery County Republican Party, whom the elected Precinct Chairs, elected on June 26, are Vice Chairman Reed, Secretary Rachel Bingham, Treasurer John Hill Wertz, and Steering Committee members Jon Bouche, Brian Crumby, Paul Gebolys, Dale Inman, and Adrian Kaiser. The Party also elected a General Counsel, Jay Wright, and Parliamentarian, Daniel Ure, at the June 26 meeting.

Reed and the other Officers have consistently sought to meet with and work with Wilkerson to unify the Republican Party, but Wilkerson has refused to meet with them (since June 28) and has refused even to acknowledge that the County Executive Committee voted to elect them on June 26 in a meeting over which Wilkerson presided.

Under Rule 8(k), the SREC and its Officials Committee may determine that a County Republican Chairman has committed misconduct and has brought “disgrace” to the Republican Party. On Saturday, September 22, State Republican Chairman James Dickey made clear during the Officials Committee meeting that he hoped the Officials Committee would not need to take further action, because Wilkerson’s refusal to follow the duly-adopted June 26 Bylaws and to work with the duly-elected Officers had already created substantial embarrassment to the Republican Party.

Dickey specifically explained, “The purpose of the 5-day delay is in our interest to get this resolved as quickly as possible and as privately as possible and not to provide additional fuel or time to provide more discredit to the Party.”

A source inside Wilkerson’s minority faction has confirmed that Wilkerson is leaning towards filing a lawsuit against the Republican Party of Texas, all of the Republican Precinct Chairs with whom he disagrees, and possibly others, in order to avoid having to comply with the Texas Election Code, the Republican Party Rules, and the Montgomery County Republican Party Bylaws.

The situation is really quite sad. The Publisher of this newspaper as well as others voted for Wilkerson in the March 2018 Republican Primary Election. This 2-year terms should have been a celebration of Wilkerson’s career while transitioning to the the conservatives who have every right to run the Republican Party, since they represent the vast majority of Montgomery County voters. Reed, Bingham, Wertz, Bouche, Crumby, Inman, Gebolys, and Kaiser are all wonderful young and vibrant people who are committed conservatives and followers of the Republican Party Platform, and who looked forward to working together with Wilkerson in unity to win the 2018 General Election and organize the grassroots.

Instead, Wilkerson has divided the Republican Party and gone to war against his perceived enemies.




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