Montgomery County Republican Party issues upbeat statement; Wilkerson: “We’ll have no problem working together”

Conroe, July 4 – The Montgomery County Republican Party (MCRP) Executive Committee announced the adoption of new bylaws which will allow for the expansion of leadership roles in-order to create greater opportunities for elected Precinct Chairs and Community outreach. Montgomery County is regarded as one of the strongest Republican organizations in Texas.  With 80% of voters supporting Governor Abbott in 2014, it remains the premier Republican stronghold.

Celebrating the Dean of County Republican Chairmen

Dr. Walter Wilkerson, Jr., will continue to serve as Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party.  Wilkerson is the longest serving Republican Party Chairmen in Texas and this year he will be joined by Reagan Reed, one of the youngest serving Precinct Chairs in Texas.  Reed will serve under Wilkerson as his Vice Chairman. “No one has more experience in Texas Republican politics than Dr. Wilkerson. I’m looking forward to working with him and learning from his wealth of knowledge,” Reed said. “We’ll have no problem working together” said Wilkerson.

The County Republican Party announced that with the recently drafted MCRP bylaws and under the leadership of Wilkerson, there will be a concerted effort to develop additional social media platforms while also deploying the use of the Republican Party of Texas voter contact software.  “The “Advantage Software App” will be used to create a countywide database of support to enhance our ‘Get Out The Vote’ efforts,” MCRP spokesman Jon Bouche explained.

The United States Census Bureau reports that over 2.7 million people have made Texas home over the past six years with just over half of the increase being Hispanic Texans.  Statewide, 44% of Hispanics voted for Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Bouche added, “We are confident that we are now in a position to do even better in getting our message out to Hispanic Texans. As the Democrat party continues to move further and further to the Left, The Republican Party will continue to be a place for people of Faith and Family.  Those values of Faith and Family have drawn so many Hispanic voters to the great state of Texas and to the Texas Republican Party.”




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