Montgomery County Republican Party hosts First Annual Golf Tournament with financial success and thrilling finish, “looking forward to next year”

Two great Republican golfers, John Reed (left), and son Reagan Reed, who is the Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party (right).

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, October 16 – The Montgomery County Republican Party (MCRP) hosted its First Annual Golf Tournament on Columbus Day, Monday, October 14, 2019, with great financial success, a lot of fun, and a thrilling finish. Tournament Co-Director Kelli Cook, MCRP Finance Chair, said, “We’re looking forward to next year already. I can’t wait to begin the planning and organizing for the next tournament. We all had a great time! I especially want to thank Cheila McKay whose work was essential in getting this project done. We had a great team of volunteers who manned all of the spots to help make this event fun, organized, and successful.”

Tournament Co-Director John Hill Wertz, the elected Treasurer of MCRP, explained, “Under threatening skies, turning nice in the mid-to-late morning but sporadic rain, we had 45 die-hard golfers show up and play some amazing rounds of golf. According to the local pro Mike, at April Sound Country Club, we exceeded the normal registration for the first year. We’re probably going to net around $24,000!”

Wertz added that “Kelli Cook did a wonderful job of training and organizing our great group of volunteers, many of whom were new to the game of golf.” Clearly, Wertz and Cook exhibited enormous expertise in running a successful golf tournament. “I can’t wait to do this again next year and I know Kelli is very excited about the coming tournament next year as well,” Wertz said.

Cook said, “These funds are important for Party operations as well as the seed money for our Victory 2020 General Election campaign.”

Tournament Results

Players played a scramble format, which took a lot of pressure off of those who did not strike the ball as well as others. There were, however, some fine ball strikers participating in the event.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office team of Damon Hall, Tim Cannon, Melvin Franklin, and Tommy Smith came in 1st place with an incredible score of 55. Daniel Pena, David Eason, Brad Curtis, and Edd West came in 2nd place with a score of 58. Michael Johnson, Rick Acree, Rick Jordan, and Chris Jantzen came in a close 3rd place with a score of 59 over the 18 holes. The close scores of the 2nd place and 3rd place teams created a thrilling and high stakes finish for the Tournament.

The Longest Drive winner was Tommy Smith. Edd West won the Putting Contest. Mike Johnson, the husband of renowned conservative activist Jonna Johnson, won the Closest-to-the-Pin Contest.

Thanks to sponsors

Wertz expressed deep gratitude to the Tournament Sponsors, especially those who agreed to sponsor the Tournament early in the organization history of the event. “In all, we had over 40 sponsors!  In particular, we’d like to recognize the following early adopters that gave us assurances we could at least cover our underwriting costs: Sen.  Brandon Creighton, Rep. Steve Toth, Judge Mark Keough, DA Brett Ligon, Sheriff Rand Henderson, Mr. Simon Sequeira, Mr. Mike Stoecker, Mr. Tom Martin, Mr. Larry Browne, and Mr. Eric Yollick (The Golden Hammer). Thank you to all our sponsors!”

The full sponsorship list appeared on the official Tournament poster:

Creator and Source: Cheila McKay.





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