Montgomery County Republican Party Area Chairman Gebolys compares Commissioners Court to highway robbers over Tx 249 Tollway

Montgomery County Republican Party Area Chairman Gebolys compares Commissioners Court to highway robbers over Tx 249 Tollway

Conroe, January 17 – Montgomery County Republican Party Area Chairman Paul Gebolys compared the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to “highwaymen…not…in the good sense” during comments he made to them during the January 9, 2018, meeting. Gebolys is both an elected Republican Precinct Chairman and an Area Chairman whom Walter Wilkerson, Jr., M.D., the County GOP Chairman appointed to the position. As such and by his lengthy tenure, Gebolys is one of the senior officials in the Montgomery County Republican Party.

Montgomery County Republican Party Area Chairman and Precinct Chairman Paul Gebolys spoke before the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on January 9, 2018.

The following are Gebolys’ remarks in full:

“Before they vote in the February and March primary election, Montgomery County voters are wondering WHY. WHY when a majority of this court, as they seek the nominations of the Republican Party, are forging ahead in direct opposition to the Republican Party of Texas Platform which specifically said we don’t want more tollroads?

“WHY are they acting in direct opposition to our Republican Governor who won a large majority of the votes in Texas with his pledge of ‘NO new Toll Roads and no State money for Toll Roads?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“WHY, when the highest state official living in Montgomery County, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, along with Governor Abbott, directed the Texas Department of Transportation to cancel the last dozen toll road projects across Texas, are they proceeding with the Tx 249 Tollway project anyway?

Left to right: Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and State Representative Will Metcalf (R-Conroe).

“WHY when without survey or consultation of the people, democrats or Republicans, you [County Judge Craig Doyal and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley] testified in Austin that we the people wanted another toll road, way over in the corner of the County, instead of using that nearly $100 million in bond repayment and interest or for current needs such as improving our overcrowded roads and mitigating our flooding problems?

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Commissioners Court has spent over $13 million of general revenue taxpayer funds on the Tx 249 Tollway, also known as the Decimation of Hope Highway, to date.

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal on June 29, 2017, when he lied to the Texas Transportation Commission that Montgomery County is “unified in support” for Tx-249 to be a tollroad.

“WHY are you willing to make Montgomery County appear to be an anti-education clique of ‘highwaymen’ and I’m not using that terming the good sense?

A highway robber.

“WHY are you willing to target Aggies going to and from Houston and also target the students trying to get to Lone Star College with the infamous Highway 242 flyover that only added to the expense and inconvenience of students?

“By recklessly pushing this [Tx 249 Tollway] project ahead without addressing these voters’ concerns, you leave open the suspicions that the real reason for this project is not to serve the citizens of Montgomery County but to pay back a small group of financial supporters.

“Please support the real needs of our citizens and prevent damage both to our budget and to our reputation. Please abandon this headlong rush to build that toll road!”



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