Montgomery County Precinct 2 Commissioner Riley receives “The Golden Hammer Award” for costing County hundreds of millions of dollars in road grants due to his absence

Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley in a vest, August 27, 2019.

Conroe, August 28 – Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley received “The Golden Hammer Award” for losing hundreds of millions of grant dollars for Montgomery County as a result of his failure to attend meetings of the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s (“HGAC”) Transportation Policy Council.

The full presentation of Riley’s Award follows.

“I once read somewhere that thinking is an act of choice.

“Today’s Golden Hammer Award goes to Commissioner Charlie Riley, who represents Precinct 2.

“Commissioner Riley has given a couple of speeches in the last couple of weeks about mobility in which he has counted on the fact that the audience would not think.

“Precinct 2 is a mobility nightmare. It’s not just gridlock at rush hour. It’s gridlock in the middle of the day 6 days per week.

“At an August 19 Magnolia Area Republican Women meeting, Commissioner Riley spoke about the need for Montgomery County to issue additional road bonds so he can work to clean up the mess he’s overseen for two decades.

“Apparently, Commissioner Riley will ask the voters to approve over $100 million or so for new roads at our local expense to taxpayers.

“But Montgomery County submitted $198 million of road projects to the HGAC and only got $25 million in funding.

“Commissioner Riley’s attendance as the representative of Montgomery County to HGAC for transportation matters clearly is the problem. I’ve spoken with two members of the Transportation Policy Council who have confirmed that Riley just wasn’t there in order to represent Montgomery County in the decisions about which counties should receive the funds.

“In the last 7 months:

“Riley missed 3 of 7 meetings.

“At the most recent meeting, he attended for the roll call and then left the meeting never to return.

“Look at the results:

“Liberty County put in for $198 million in projects, and received $54 million in grants.

“Brazoria County requested $395 million in projects, and received $113 million in grants.

“Galveston County requested $194 million in projects, and received $91 million in grants.

“It’s worse with the bigger counties in HGAC, such as Fort Bend and Harris.

“But then Montgomery County requested $198 million in projects, and only received $25 million in grants. Look at Liberty, Brazoria, and Galveston counties, and compare them to what gigantic Montgomery County received from HGAC due to Riley’s absence.

“Our County is losing a fortune, because our representative isn’t doing his job.

“Commissioner Riley, you’re costing the taxpayers of this County a fortune. Please don’t come to us with a road bond until you get the federal and state money which we, as taxpayers, pay into those governments first.

“You’re getting The Golden Hammer today, but if I need to give you a golden alarm clock, please let me know and I’ll bring one to your office.”

The Golden Alarm Clock (Chinese version).




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