Montgomery County Library Director’s insults law enforcement, all citizens with proposed highly-paid marketing librarian

Montgomery County Library Director’s insults law enforcement, all citizens with proposed highly-paid marketing librarian

Image: The days of Marian the Librarian (from “The Music Man”) are long gone. In the Montgomery County government, mean-spirited Library Director Jerilynne Williams seeks to hire a $77,000 “marketing” librarian who will make more money than law enforcement officers who put their lives at risk each day.

Conroe, February 26 – Montgomery County Library Director Jerilynne Williams will try to convince the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to hire a new position, Librarian II-Marketing, for the Library at a cost of $77,000 per year in salary plus benefits. The purpose of the new – and expensive – Librarian would be to market the Library System to the public.

What caught the notice of numerous readers of The Golden Hammer yesterday in the report about Williams’ efforts to keep money in her Library Department for positions which she has long held vacant was the amount of money Williams proposes to pay a Librarian, particularly in comparison to the compensation the Montgomery County government pays to law enforcement patrol officers who risk their lives every day they perform their job duties. Please see “Montgomery County Library Director Williams Seeks To Punish Taxpayers For Commissioners Court’s Decision To Eliminate Long-Term Vacancy Positions, Wants MORE Money In Middle Of Budget Year,” The Golden Hammer, February 25, 2019.

After keeping four positions open in the Library Department for between 333 days and 116 days, Williams seeks to hire a Librarian for more money than Montgomery County’s government pays patrol officers, as this newspaper has confirmed with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. One of the positions the Commissioners Court eliminated was a Library Branch Manager position Williams had left open for almost one full year with annual compensation of $78,415.69.

Williams’ proposed salary for a Librarian II – Marketing, will exceed the salary of a Deputy Sheriff Patrol Officer with six years of experience. One reader of this newspaper noted, “$78,400 to be a library branch manager? I have been in the wrong profession. That is more than I made being a law enforcement office’s branch manager! No uniform, no hot body armor, in the a/c and no press. I really do like books!”

Therefore, this newspaper asked Williams some direct questions:

“For an article I’m doing in The Golden Hammer, I have a few questions about Library Branch Managers’ regular duties:
“#1 Do they ever have to wear body armor in their job duties?
#2 Are they required to wear a uniform?
#3 Do they ever work outside for lengthy periods of time?
#4 Do they ever need to interact with the press?
#5 Do they require any sort of licensing or certification?”
Williams responded to the questions as follows:
“Unfortunately, the fiber connecting Central Library to the Internet has been damaged. As soon as service is restored, I will send you a copy of the job posting for the Branch Manager position, which does require certification of a master of Library Science degree. Managers regularly interact with the general public of all ages, including representatives of the media. There is a County dress code as well as one specifically for Library employees but not a ‘uniform’ and body armor is not required. Library managers do participate in outreach events, which are often held outdoors; however, most of the work is conducted within Library facilities.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further clarification.
Jerilynn Williams
Library Director
Therefore, a side-by-side comparison is appropriate for a Patrol Peputy with the Marketing Librarian:
As this newspaper discussed in the article yesterday, the position is clearly unnecessary. The Commissioners Court should not create a new position for the Library Department in the middle of the Budget Year, especially since the obvious purpose of Williams’ efforts is merely to spend money.
Nevertheless, the above comparison chart also reveals how bad the salary structures are in Montgomery County after the Commissioners Court has gone for many, many years without exercising any form of oversight. Not only has the Commissioners Court in the past allowed employee vacancies to linger for years while taxpayers must pay for those unfilled positions but also it seems that politics, and not good policy, drives the crazy salaries which comprise a whopping 57.4% of the total Montgomery County Budget.



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