Montgomery County Judge Keough seeks to “gaslight” voters with false narrative about his coronavirus mandates, shutdowns

Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, December 13 – The 1944 movie Gaslight starring Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton introduced the concept of gaslighting to the popular imagination. Apparently, Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough is attempting to provide a sequel to that movie in the “gaslighting” he’s attempting to perpetrate on all Montgomery County voters.

Gaslighting means “to describe the actions of a person, a gaslighter, who effectively puts forth a false narrative that leads another person or a group of people to doubt their own perceptions and become disoriented or distressed. This dynamic is generally only possible when the audience is vulnerable such as in unequal power relationships or when the audience is fearful of the losses associated with challenging the false narrative.”

The point of the movie and much of the psychological analysis of gaslighting is that it’s a manipulative and grossly unethical method of trying to make people doubt their own perceptions.

Mark Keough, Montgomery County’s Judge, has become an audacious gaslighter and is nothing short of one of the most unethical elected officials this community has ever seen.

Keough desperately seeks to revise his history during the past two years with respect to his panicked closure mandates in response to the China Virus pandemic. Keough spoke to the Greater Conroe Chamber of Commerce’s “Hail and Farewell” Reception for Elected Officials” during the evening of Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at Conroe Tower in downtown Conroe and disavowed that he had ever mandated business closures, church closures, and a lockdown at all.

Keough, who is running for re-election in the March 1, 2022, Republican Primary Election against two strong opponents, conservative leader Dr. Billy Graff and popular Montgomery Mayor Sara Countryman, was the final speaker at the Chamber event. Keough told the stunned audience, “All people are essential,” so the County Judge argued that government officials should never decide who is “essential” or a “non-essential employee,” an edict Keough issued on March 27, 2020, when he ordered the closure of most Montgomery County businesses and all of the County’s churches.

On March 16, 2020, Keough ordered local restaurants to engage in certain distancing practices. On March 27, 2020, Keough decimated the local economy when he ordered a Countywide lockdown and the closure of most businesses. By mid-April, 2020, as a result of Keough’s mandate order, which was illegal under Texas law, the unemployment rate in Montgomery County had exceeded twenty-five percent (25%). Many businesses and local churches never reopened their doors.

You may find the article The Golden Hammer published as a breaking news story on March 27, 2020, right here: In that article, this newspaper published the entirety of Keough’s lockdown order where he decided which businesses and employees were “essential” and which were not. Don’t worry, he made sure liquor stores and the car dealership where his son works were defined as “essential.”

Keough is the economic destroyer about whom he spoke at the Conroe Chamber. Keough continues to post all sorts of cute little social media posts about the weather, holidays, or his further efforts to gaslight, but the voters in Montgomery County have a certain sense about them: they will remember and should always remember that Keough violated the Constitution, illegally exceeded the bounds of his authority, sought to criminalize going outside and going to work, and decimated the lives of hundreds of thousands of Montgomery County citizens and families.

Charles Boyer didn’t get away with it in the movie, and Mark Keough shouldn’t get away with it now.



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