BREAKING NEWS! Montgomery County Judge Keough contracts Chinese Coronavirus


The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, December 21 – Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough has contracted the Chinese Coronavirus.

Keough tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus Tuesday afternoon soon after the commissioners court meeting. He did not notify other members of the commissioners court until the next day.

Keough was among the first local officials in Texas to attempt to shut down local businesses, churches, and even political meetings in early March when he became panicked over the Chinese coronavirus. As a result of his illegal mandate orders, Montgomery county unemployment soared to slightly over 25% by the end of March.

Through March and April, economic related suicides numbered more fatalities than the Chinese coronavirus. Since that time, government officials have refused to disclose the number of economic related suicides. Furthermore, due to fears created by government scares over the Chinese coronavirus, many Have died as a result of their refusal to receive hospital treatment for other major illnesses, such as heart disease or strokes.

Keough did not respond to a request for comment.

Keough, November 10, 2020.







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