Montgomery County Judge Doyal Refuses to Put Pro-Family Proclamation on Agenda, Reveals He Actually Reads Proposals for Agenda

Montgomery County Judge Doyal Refuses to Put Pro-Family Proclamation on Agenda, Reveals He Actually Reads Proposals for Agenda

Image: From right to left, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, Conroe City Councilman Duane Ham, Amy Doyal.

Conroe, November 22 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal refused to put a pro-family proclamation on the November 28, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting agenda. “I won’t put that on the agenda…request denied,” the angry County Judge hissed upon the submission of two copies of the proposed proclamation before the 10 a.m., Tuesday, November 21, deadline. Doyal received the proposed proclamation by email on November 20, 2017, and two hard copies of the proclamation and a page of signatures of individuals who expressed their support for the agenda item.

There is nothing in the Texas Government Code which would permit a county judge to refuse to include an item on a meeting agenda for a County’s Commissioners Court. The incident does reveal, however, that Doyal actually reads proclamations before he places them on the meeting agenda for upcoming meetings.

That Doyal actually reads proclamations before he will place them on the agenda is significant, because Doyal sponsored and placed on the agenda for the November 14, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting a proclamation, as the Texas Pastors Council described it, “is tainted intentionally with a critical element of anti-family propaganda that is offensive and unacceptable. Specifically of concern is the section in both resolutions stating: ‘Whereas, there are no restrictions on who can adopt based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or expression, gender identity, or marital status…’”

The Texas Pastors Council noted that the proclamation Doyal placed on the November 14 Commissioners Court agenda – and which Doyal and the Commissioners Court approved unanimously twice – raised the issue “why a Republican County Commissioners court would cater to a radical anti-family agenda in violation of your own party platform, credible social science and basic common sense?”

The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, copyrighted in 2013, includes among the paraphilic disorders that transvestic disorder remains classified as a mental illness. Apparently, Doyal and other individuals pushing transgenderism seek to place the interests of mentally ill adults above the interests of children whom they seek to adopt.

Two hours after Doyal angrily rejected the pro-family resolution for the November 28 Court agenda, Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks provided the following statement to The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper: “While I applaud Mrs. Russell’s contributions to society as an adoptive parent, it would be highly inappropriate for the court to single out one adoptive parent for honors out of a county of 570,000 people, especially since there was no process established to determine which single person among all of Montgomery County should earn this honor.”

Doyal’s statement reveals little more than his anti-family bias and his hypocrisy. A mere 39 days ago Doyal sponsored, placed on the agenda, and got the Commissioners Court to pass a proclamation singling out one teenage safe driver – unclear the gender identity of the individual because the proclamation contained substantial gender identity confusion – out of a county of 570,000 people to earn the honor from the Commissioners Court. On November 5, 2007, Doyal had a busy day with proclamations in the Commissioners Court. First, Doyal and his pal Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador authored and voted for a proclamation declaring November 5, 2007, as “Terri Jaggers Day” in Montgomery County. During the same Commissioners Court meeting, Doyal voted for a Proclamation wishing a happy birthday to a lady.

Either way, it’s clear that Doyal does, in fact, read proposed proclamations. As a result, it has now become quite clear that Doyal’s sponsorship, placement on the November 14 agenda, and vote for an anti-family, pro-transgender adoption proclamation was with calculated intent.

The pro-family proclamation, which Doyal has refused even to include on the meeting agenda so that his colleagues would have the opportunity to vote up or down on it, follows, as well as a page of signatures from the Montgomery County Tea Party meeting showing some of the many individuals who supported the adoption of the Proclamation.

Thanks to Doyal, a pro-family proclamation that doesn’t endorse transgenderism as a right won’t see the light of day.

Here’s the proclamation Doyal wouldn’t even consider putting on the agenda for Tuesday, November 28, 2017:

The proclamation Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal refused even to put on the November 28, 2017, Commissioners Court Agenda.

Here are some signatures of people who support the proclamation. There are some very prominent citizens who kindly showed their support for the proclamation, including pro-family leader Betty Anderson and many others, as well as six other GOP Precinct Chairs in attendance.

Signatures from a small group that met briefly on November 20, 2017, in favor of the proposed pro-family proclamation that County Judge Doyal refused to put on the meeting agenda.




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