Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal urges Commissioners to spend “contingency funds” on portrait of himself and Commissioners “For Future Generations”

Image: A potential family portrait format that Judge Craig Doyal should consider “For Future Generations” as he ponders how to spend County tax dollars from the “contingency fund.” That would be Doyal in the foreground and the Commissioners in the background.

Conroe, March 12 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, clearly focused on spending County tax dollars as rapidly as possible, has proposed a resolution for the Commissioners Court to approve a portrait of himself and the County Commissioners to come from the County’s “contingency fund.” Doyal intends to place the portrait, which Doyal wishes to have taken in 2017 and every four years thereafter, in a “Gallery For Future Generations” in the County Commissioners Courtroom.

In Craig Doyal’s world, the REAL Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court: left to right, Cactus Jack Cagle, Doyal, Ed Emmett, some unknown person holding a green balloon, some ambassador from a foreign nation holding a white balloon.

Doyal’s proposal “For Future Generations” so that they will alway have the opportunity to fondly recall Doyal’s many contributions to Montgomery County’s fiscal condition is Item 10A on the March 14, 2017, 9:30 a.m. agenda. Doyal’s resolution for the portrait of himself (and others) is at the top of the Agenda after the “consent agenda.”

That the rationale of the portrait, which Doyal seeks of himself and the four County Commissioners, is “For Future Generations” reveals the high esteem in which Doyal holds himself. Although County spending and government growth will likely result in a fiscal crisis to the taxpaying citizens during the next twenty or so years, according to projections of United States Senator Phil Gramm, who is also a Texas A&M University-trained economist, Doyal is far more focused on protecting his photographic image for the posterity of future generations.

Isn’t this picture enough, Judge Doyal?

The Golden Hammer fears that either the County Judge or one of the Commissioners will propose an amendment to Doyal’s proposed portrait “For Future Generations” which would include family portraits. The problem with doing family portraits of Judge Doyal and each of the Commissioners is that Montgomery County would lose an enormous amount of time of its employees from several different department who are family members of the County Judge and Commissioners Court by blood or marriage. With family portraits of the Commissioners Court members going on, the County government might very well shut down, since it’s rapidly becoming a family business, especially for Charlie Riley, Mike Meador, and Craig Doyal.

Still, Doyal wishes to focus on expenditure of unbudgeted funds from the “contingency fund” for the enormous benefit that “Future Generations” will enjoy, as they pay virtually all of their disposable income to the government in the form of taxation. Since 2000, under Doyal’s direction, Montgomery County’s government spending has grown 428% while the population growth has only been 84%. Those numbers suggest that Doyal’s portrait should be quite large “For Future Generations” to enjoy and remember the Doyal era quite fondly.

Political consulting wunderkind Marc Davenport (left) and County Judge Craig Doyal (right, with arm around Davenport).



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