Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal receives “The Golden Hammer Award” for terrible impact of secrecy and closed government

The Golden Sledgehammer (awarded to Craig Doyal and Charlie Riley for the TX 249 Tollway debacle) makes the Golden Hammer look tiny.

Conroe, March 4 – Elitist Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal received “The Golden Hammer Award” on Tuesday, February 27, 2018, for the terrible impact of the secrecy and closed government he has imposed on this community. The Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, presented the award to Doyal, who refused to look up at the presentation but instead looked down at his desk to avoid eye contact with anyone in the room.

The full presentation follows:

“Judge Doyal, in looking at how you’ve gotten away with the massive tax and government spending increases over which you have presided, the citizens must ask a question: how did you get away with it for so long?

“The clear answer is secrecy.

“It’s not just that you’ve instructed employees to keep mum, that you’ve threatened department heads with losing their jobs if they provide information to the public, or the incredibly long so-called ‘consent agendas’ you place before your colleagues.

“The way you run these meetings openly discourages discussion. If Commissioner Clark asks a question, you hiss at him. If a citizen other than one whom you’ve staged tries to speak, you cut them off or rudely interrupt them. We just saw that a few minutes ago with the rude manner in which you treated Rigby Owen, Jr.

“You allow your political allies to say anything in this courtroom while your critics, such as Mrs. Ginger Russell, are threatened with the loss of their freedom.

“Your colleagues are generally afraid to conduct the open deliberations the Open Meetings Act contemplates and that are so sorely needed. During one meeting, we saw how well that worked. Last year, the Commissioners Court engaged in a lengthy discussion concerning the County Auditor’s arbitrary policies for reimbursing travel expenses. The discussion was excellent, because, for some reason, all of you let your guards down and spoke with each other – in public – like caring community leaders.

“The atmosphere of secrecy is what has caused the citizens to suffer with you as our County Judge.

  • You keep your office door locked.
  • You’re rarely there to meet with concerned constituents anyway.
  • You don’t answer constituent concerns herein in these meetings, even though the Open Meetings Act expressly allows you to do so.
  • You don’t discuss County business with your colleagues in these meetings.
  • You place millions of dollars of spending on each agenda hidden in such a manner that you suppress meaningful discussion.

“It’s not that you keep the mouth of Eric Yollick shut.

“The problem is that you suppress free discussion among your colleagues in open meetings. That, Judge Doyal, has translated into tens of millions of dollars of wasteful spending, because there are no eyes looking over your shoulder as you spend our tax dollars.

“That’s why real taxes have gone up 133% in just the past ten years. That’s why spending is out-of-control, because you’ve cloaked the spending in secrecy.

“Judge Doyal, The Golden Hammer Award goes to you for secrecy that causes government waste.”



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