Montgomery County Hospital District Chair Whatley sends stern message to Texas and America: “Stop spreading fear”

Montgomery County Hospital District Chair Whatley sends stern message to Texas and America: “Stop spreading fear”

Image: Message from the Montgomery County Hospital District whose Board Chair, Georgette Whatley, has expressed that it’s time to “stop spreading fear.”


Conroe, August 25 – Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) Board Chair Georgette Whatley, an elected official in Montgomery County, strongly expressed that it’s time to “Stop spreading fear.” Whatley pointed to the fact that more people have died in Montgomery County during the last six month, because they’re afraid to call 9-1-1 out of fear of catching the Chinese Coronavirus than the number of people who have died from the virus itself.

Whatley published the following statement on social media yesterday:

“In approximately six months, there have been 100 covid related deaths in MoCo. Most of those deaths were elderly people who had underlying medical conditions. In ONE MONTH, there was an 88% spike in cardiac deaths because people are afraid to call 911 because of the Corona virus (45 more in July alone than a year ago). We’re losing more people due to the fear of Covid than we are to the virus itself. Stop spreading fear.”

Whatley sat down with The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper yesterday for an exclusive interview.

In response to the question asking her “Who is spreading the fear to which you make reference,” Whatley answered, ” I believe the government is spreading the fear. The stores requiring masks everywhere you go are spreading the fear, and so are the people becoming indignant, if you happen to walk into the store and aren’t wearing the mask. Our own Public Health District in Montgomery County is spreading the fear.”

Whatley made it quite clear what she believes needs to happen in Texas, Montgomery County, and the United States. “We need to open the county and get back to life as normal, while we protect the vulnerable with curbside pickup and neighbors helping people out.”

When asked whether masks are effective at stopping the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus, the public health official said, “The masks are ridiculous. They don’t do anything. If I can stay 6 feet away from you, I don’t need a mask. That’s what even Governor Abbott said initially before he reversed himself and issued the mask mandate.”

Whatley said she’s practiced “social distancing” her entire life. “I’ve never liked being within 6 feet of anybody I don’t know. That’s just common sense.”

The MCHD Chair told this newspaper, “I have honestly not changed one thing about my life other than having to wear a mask when it’s absolutely required.”







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