Montgomery County government’s secrecy covers up Sheriff’s Office success story re spending, reserve deputies

Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Scott Spencer (left) with his boss, Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson (right), at the Third Annual Christmas Toy Drive, “Operation Blue Elf,” on December 17, 2019.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, January 25 – Sometimes the super secrecy of the Montgomery County government covers up the good in addition to all of the corruption that exists. Sadly, the secrecy of the current County Judge and his efforts to cover up most of what happens inside the halls of the Montgomery County government has thrown a success story inside of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office of Sheriff Rand Henderson into the dark shadows.

The agenda item, inside of the so-called “consent agenda,” which the Commissioners Court doesn’t discuss and of which the members of the Court rarely make themselves aware, includes the following item, “Consider and authorize Sheriff Rand Henderson to appoint reserve deputies as attached herewith for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office pursuant to Local Government Code Section 85.004 (a).” There’s a list of 23 reserve deputies whom the Commissioners Court will approve without discussion or a vote.

That’s a shame, because both Sheriff Henderson and Lieutenant Scott Spencer of the Administrative Services Division of the Sheriff’s Office have set up a very effective system of reserve deputies which is likely saving taxpayers many tens of thousands of dollars.

Neither the Sheriff’s Office nor County taxpayers pay for the reserve deputies who work for the Sheriff’s Office. While those deputies must meet all of the qualifications of employee deputies, who are paid employees, the reserve deputies receive no pay whatsoever from the County government. Rather, they serve in that capacity in order to keep their licensing and certification in force through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

TCOLE does not require that reserve deputies work any minimum number of hours in order to maintain their law enforcement certification. Sheriff Henderson and his Office, through Lieutenant’s Spencer’s oversight, however, do require that reserve deputies work at least 8 hours per month in providing law enforcement services through the Sheriff’s Office. “We are now down to 23 reserve deputies from the more than 50 under Sheriff Tommy Gage,” Spencer told The Golden Hammer. “That’s because we have minimum requirements for the reserves to keep their TCOLE licenses through us. Sheriff Gage did not have minimum requirements like that.”

Spencer explained, “If there are major events in our community, these reserve deputies are terrific for them. They can assist our full-time personnel. They also can help us with special events, such as the Christmas Toy Drive, known as Operation Blue Elf, or with paperwork in the Sheriff’s Office. It’s really great to have a team of additional certified peace officers who can help with special work inside the Sheriff’s Office.

Spencer is the Lieutenant who supervises the reserve deputies. The program, like many other fiscally conservative efforts Henderson has made to save Montgomery County taxpayers, millions of dollars, provides services to the taxpayers at the lowest cost possible.



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