Montgomery County Government “For Sale”! Part 3: Doyal receives “The Golden Hammer” Award for ties to influence-peddling Marc Davenport, Phonoscope

Montgomery County Government “For Sale”! Part 3: Doyal receives “The Golden Hammer” Award for ties to influence-peddling Marc Davenport, Phonoscope

Image: Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s blank stare formed as he realized that the truth about his corrupt relationship with local political boss Marc Davenport was emerging into the light during “The Golden Hammer Award” presentation at the October 10, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting.

Conroe, October 13 – Apparently, “The Golden Hammer Award,” which Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal received for his ties to the influence-peddling political boss Marc Davenport and County vendor Phonoscope, hit way too close to home for the embattled county judge. Doyal attempted to interrupt the Award presentation during the Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting when he received it. “The Golden Hammer Award” recognizes occasions or expenditures that “hammer the taxpayers.”

Immediately prior to “The Golden Hammer Award,” the Commissioners Court unanimously approved its so-called “Consent Agenda,” which is little more than a mechanism for Doyal, his master Davenport, and Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks to hide important items on the agenda so that the remaining Commissioners Court members would overlook them.

Included among the “Consent Agenda” items was a $37,125.00 payment to Phonoscope, Inc., a Houston-based company on the County’s vendor list but which has no contract to provide anything. The Commissioners Court blindly followed Doyal in approving the payment to Phonoscope, which has strong ties to the Davenport Ring of corruption.

There’s a lot more to the Phonoscope story, but here’s why Doyal received The Golden Hammer Award.

If there’s any example of why:

  • Montgomery County has a terrible reputation for corruption in its County government
  • why the County government wastes money by doing secret backroom deals
  • why it’s time for people to look to the citizens for leadership, as opposed to continuing to look at the “good ol’ boy establishment”
  • why taxes need to come down dramatically in order to get the money out of the government’s hands and back into the rightful hands of the people who actually earned that money…

…the poster child of that corruption and wasteful spending is Phonoscope and its dirty relationship with the County government through the Davenport Ring.

Over the coming weeks ahead, The Golden Hammer will bring the full story out:

  • how Marc Davenport orders County Judge Doyal, Doyal’s “chief of staff,” and at least six (6) County Department Directors
  • that Davenport really has the veto power over the Commissioners Court Agenda
  • it’s critical to the future of the Davenport Ring to get rid of Jim Clark as Precinct 4 County Commissioner
  • it’s critical to the future of the Davenport Ring to get rid of Edie Connelly as the Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace
  • how Davenport and Doyal are working together to destroy any competition among deep fiber optic cable providers, so that Phonoscope will have the clear path to develop its cable services as the dominant system in the entire Montgomery County community
  • how it all began in a secret meeting at Phonoscope’s corporate headquarters in Houston in early 2016 to establish the secret relationships between the Montgomery County government, the County’s officials, and this aggressive company that seeks a monopoly as a vendor for its services to the County government and to others. It will greatly surprise you who attended this meeting and what they did.

It’s all coming out. It’s sad in a way, because Phonoscope is a company with an interesting history that shouldn’t need backroom deals and corrupt practices to gain a foothold in Montgomery County.

What was so shocking as Doyal received “The Golden Hammer Award” was the surprise on all four of the County Commissioners’ faces, as they clearly didn’t even know that they had just voted to approve a $37,125.00 payment to Phonoscope. It’s another example of elected officials soundly asleep while the citizens must keep watch.

Doyal is at the epicenter of the whole sordid story. He’s genuinely afraid of Davenport. Davenport has contributed much of the corruption in Doyal’s office as County Judge. Instead of being the fine County Judge that he could have been, Doyal depends on corruption, golf, and taking the easy way out of doing work.

Craig Doyal deserves the first “Golden Hammer Award” for Fiscal Year 2018 (which began on October 1, 2017).





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