Montgomery County government “For Sale” (Part 11): Davenport Ring’s dirty tricks start to snowball as Metts formalizes attempt to take greater control over County purchasing as a County Commissioner

Montgomery County government “For Sale” (Part 11): Davenport Ring’s dirty tricks start to snowball as Metts formalizes attempt to take greater control over County purchasing as a County Commissioner

Image: JP James Metts announced his candidacy for Precinct 4 County Commissioner on December 9, 2017.

New Caney and Conroe, December 11 – The Davenport Ring, the corrupt government officials who work under the direction of local political boss Marc Davenport in an attempt to take over the Montgomery County government’s purchasing and information technology functions, are increasing dirty tricks as JP James Metts formally announced his candidacy for Precinct 4 County Commissioner on December 9, 2017. After a failed “unity” rally yesterday at which only 47 people attended, Davenport and the Ring began to intensify their dirty tricks on social media through the weekend.

Fake accounts and profiles

Davenport himself has dozens of fake profiles and accounts on Facebook and elsewhere on social media. He works closely with a family of convicted felons who live in a school bus in East Montgomery County and write under all sorts of bizarre fake names. Davenport and the school bus family seem to have certain adolescent obsessions:

  • They’re obsessed with Conroe ISD’s Board President Melanie Pryor Bush’s physical attributes and refer to her as a “fibber.” Bush is running against Davenport’s wife, Stephanne Davenport, for Montgomery County Treasurer. Bush appears to be the frontrunner.
  • They’re obsessed with the male anatomy of Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack and his staff. Noack is not on the electoral ballot in 2018, which makes their obsession even stranger.
  • They’re obsessed with personal attacks against this newspaper’s Publisher but are incapable ever of responding to the factual basis of the articles which appear herein.
  • They’re obsessed with their own criminal records.

Obviously, they have a lot of time on their hands. Davenport works behind his computer at home almost all day long. The family of convicted felons receive long-term disability payments, so they live on the public dole. That may explain their intense support for the growth of the size and spending of government.

Despite all of that time and government subsidy, Davenport and his little group of felons don’t ever seem to find the time to research or discuss factual matters on their merits. They can only engage in personal attacks on individuals involved in government or politics, even including people who are not running or public servants.

The dirty tricks behind Metts “unity rally”

On December 5, the Davenport Ring began to advertise an East Montgomery County “unity rally” for Saturday, December 9, at 10 a.m., at the restaurant which Metts and the County employee and direct-report with whom he has a sexual relationship.

Metts and Marc Davenport began to attempt to lure leaders of the law enforcement community to the event by telling them that they’d be “honored” there by receiving a plaque for their service. Some law enforcement leaders attended the function to receive the plaque but discovered when they arrived that the event was primarily for Metts to announce that he was running for Precinct 4 County Commissioner against pro-law enforcement incumbent County Commissioner Jim Clark.

Besides family members of law enforcement officials who thought they were at the event to receive an honorary plaque, there were only 47 people who attended, at least six (6) of whom are convicted felons (including the school bus family).

At least three people signed in to a “sign-in” sheet as government officials and claim that they later discovered that they were listed as “supporting” Metts for County Commissioner, when Stephanne Davenport read their names aloud near the beginning of the speeches at the “unity rally.”

Several individuals among the 47 who fell for the trick to attend remarked that they didn’t understand why Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark did not attend, until they discovered the trick that the event was not a “unity” rally at all but instead a campaign kickoff for Metts’ run against Clark. (Since he engaged in the same tactics for his October 14 “campaign kickoff” and tried to lure individuals to what he also billed as a “family fun day,” it’s not surprising that embattled Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley would support Metts.)

Lying about Clark’s and County Commissioner candidate Bagley’s records supporting firefighters

Davenport, Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden, Metts, JP Wayne Mack, and Stephanne Davenport have begun an intense whispering campaign against Clark and against the other individual in the Precinct 4 County Commissioner electoral contest, Bob Bagley.

Hayden, in particular, has met with leaders of several fire departments to complain to them about Clark’s allegedly poor record of supporting firefighters. The Golden Hammer has confirmed three different fire departments where Hayden has told them about Clark’s and Bagley’s “disappointing records” with respect to firefighters and their departments.

The reality, however, is quite the opposite. Clark and Bagley both have among the strongest records of supporting firefighters and Fire Departments among any of the elected officials in Montgomery County. Clark has consistently fought for better funding and intergovernmental coordination for Fire Departments in East Montgomery County and elsewhere. He has also raised many thousands of dollars from charitable contributions to support firefighters and their families. As a Hospital District Board member, Bagley has focused on improving the community’s support and awareness of First Responders and the firefighters with whom they constantly work.

As most of the other articles in The Golden Hammer‘s “For Sale” series have explained, the Davenport Ring clearly seeks to control the County’s purchasing and information technology functions. They’ve made substantial headway with the JP courts’ database management systems and fees and fine collections, although the Davenport Ring’s foray into those areas has proved disastrous for Montgomery County taxpayers. The Davenport Ring is fighting hard to increase the access right of Phonoscope’s deep fiber optic cable system. Without any contract or Commissioners Court approval, Sheriff Henderson recently awarded Phonoscope – his largest political contributor through its CEO Lee Cook – a major concession in the County Jail and Criminal Justice Center.

It’s critical for the Davenport Ring that they get Clark out of the way as quickly as possible as the Precinct 4 County Commissioner, because he has fiercely resisted the Ring’s attempt to take over the fiber optic cable system of the County government.



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