Montgomery County District Clerk candidate Miller enjoys substantial support while opponent struggles

Melisa Miller, whom Montgomery County District Clerk Barbara Adamick named as “Employee of the Month” on March 24, 2015. Miller is running for Montgomery County District Clerk to succeed the retiring Adamick.

Conroe, January 30 – Montgomery County District Clerk candidate Melisa Miller has enjoyed substantial political support for her effort to succeed the retiring Barbara Gladden Adamick. Miller worked for Adamick for 18 years. Miller now works for Montgomery County Clerk Mark Turnbull.

Miller filed her Campaign Finance Report covering the six month period from July 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017, on January 10, 2018. Miller reported a very healthy $27,836.42 of campaign contributions in her campaign bank account on December 31, while she had spent another $18,249.

Miller received $22,270 in political contributions during the reporting period. Her top contributors included Randy Councill of Conroe, $3,000, Duane Corley of Conroe, $3,000, and Matt Farris of Leander, $1,500.  World renowned Jury Shepherd Meredith Dunaway, an employee of the 284th District Court, contributed $65 to Miller’s campaign. Conroe socialite Kathleen Towery made $1,495 in in-kind contributions to Miller’s campaign.

Miller, who works for the County government, and her husband, Jason Miller, who works for the City of Conroe, loaned $15,000 to Miller’s campaign.

Miller’s opponent, Cynthia Jamieson, filed an unusual Campaign Finance Report to say the very least. Jamieson’s report showed that she collected $0 in campaign contributions as of December 31, 2017, and had no campaign funds in her campaign bank account. The report also revealed that Jamieson didn’t have any political expenditures during 2017, which would appear to be inaccurate, since Jamieson paid a filing fee to get on the ballot in the Republican Primary Election.

Jamieson would seem to need to file an amended Campaign Finance Report at least to reflect her filing fee payment.

Jamieson works in the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management.



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