Montgomery County Commissioners to approve County Airport “master plan” with enormous spending but no economic projections

Summary cover page of the so-called “master plan” for Montgomery County Airport, which is little more than a massive spending proposal. There are more aircraft in the drawing than the Airport usually enjoys over several days of operation.

Conroe, July 11 – Assistant Montgomery County Airport Director James Brown and Airport Director Scott Smith will ask the Commissioners Court to approve more than $11 million of spending on the little-used Montgomery Count Airport in a so-called “master plan” which is little more than a wish list of spending projects. The “master plan” contains no economic projections of revenue from the airport, economic development anticipated from the airport, jobs anticipated to come to this community from the airport, or anything other than how much money Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador and the County Airport bureaucrats want to spend of Montgomery County tax dollars.

With no anticipation of any revenue or economic projections, County taxpayers will bear one hundred percent (100%) of the burden of this money-losing facility that, over three decades, has brought almost no economic benefit to Montgomery County or even to the tiny geographic area in its immediate vicinity. The R.A. “Mickey” Deison Technology Park lies unused and virtually undeveloped other than the government tax dollars that went into the construction of infrastructure for the virtual “ghost town” near the County Airport.

Under the “master plan” which the County paid Coffman Associates, consultants, to prepare, the County Airport Department seeks to garner the commitment of the Commissioners Court to spend $3,192,000 just during the next four years, with no projection of any return to the community whatsoever.

During hours of operation, the County Airport is almost entirely vacant other than the United States Customs Facility which the U.S. Government put there. Even the Customs Facility leads to little air traffic.

During the next ten years, the “master plan” calls for the County government to spend just under $9 million on the facility. The “master plan” contains construction wishes for the next 20 years.

Despite three decades of operation, the County Airport has never even broken even. County taxpayers have supported the facility since its inception. Other than a few government facilities which Montgomery County and the City of Conroe placed near the Airport due to the availability of abundant cheap land, very little business has come to Montgomery County over those three decades as result of the Airport.

Without any economic projections for the facility, planning construction in a “master plan” is a total waste of public funds. The County government would generate far more local economic activity by rebating that $9 million to County taxpayers and allowing them to choose how to spend what is their own money.



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