Montgomery County Commissioners Court’s July 24 meeting to engage all seven of the deadly sins

Montgomery County Commissioners Court’s July 24 meeting to engage all seven of the deadly sins

Conroe, July 24 – Wouldn’t fourth-century monk Evagrius Ponticus find the agenda for the July 24, 2018, meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court stunning? Ponticus was the first modern theologian to recognize the “seven deadly sins” of Christian theology and he’d recognize all seven of them occurring among Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and his freespending cohorts.

Doyal has managed to include all of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth into one meeting. Of course, the victims of those seven sins are none other than the citizens of Montgomery County.


In a sense, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s insertion of a proclamation establishing National Health Center Week in Montgomery County from August 12 to August 18, 2018, is adulation of himself. Doyal’s focus during his entire career with the Montgomery County government has been to strengthen government rather than to help the people of this community. Doyal’s has always loved actions involving more than one governmental entity where they use citizen tax resources to build each other into an imposition larger than the sum of its parts.

Health centers are easily one of the most manipulative of governmental entities. Who would oppose public health? But in actuality, conservative leaders in the United States have objected to the many hundreds of millions of dollars provided to subsidize these health centers that directly take patients away from private health clinics and physicians.

With the advance of Obamacare in the United States, community health centers have been the sword of liberals seeking nationalization of the healthcare industry. These community health centers don’t deserve particular accolades, especially in Montgomery County. What National Health Center Week really is celebrating is the victory of liberals who have successfully taken hundreds of millions of public dollars to devote to public medical facilities that compete with private healthcare providers.


Doyal lost his re-election by a landslide margin on March 6, 2018, but his term of office continues through December 31. Since his electoral defeat, Doyal has wrathfully inflicted long-term projects, such as the $107 million, 3 mile, TX 249 Tollway on the citizens of this community. Doyal has actively sought methods to punish the citizens of this community with decisions that will linger long after he has left office.

The County Judge’s uncontrollable anger clearly is the only explanation for his endorsement of an anti-Trump, pro-immigration, anti-Republican, pro-Obamacare liberal, who just recently moved to Montgomery County, to serve on the government-supported Montgomery County Historical Commission. History has succumbed to substantial liberal revisionism. Columbus, Lincoln, and George Washington have become goats in the eyes of liberal revisionist historians. With government-subsidized “historical commissions,” our understanding of history has become politicized. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a liberal democrat-turned-RINO such as Doyal would endorse Alexus Sham for the Historical Commission as one of Doyal’s parting blows.


Sloth and disinterest are the reason that the Montgomery County government has had to adopt more than three hundred budget amendments since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2018 on October 1, 2017. Doyal and County Auditor Phyllis Martin are proposing 22 budget amendments on the July 24 agenda alone. Those budget amendments total more than $20 million.

What do budget amendments have to do with sloth?

The only reason the Montgomery County government must adopt budget amendment after budget amendment is the failure of the Commissioners Court and County Judge to do their jobs in passing a carefully-crafted budget at the beginning of each Fiscal Year. Under the Texas Local Government Code, the Legislature mandated that citizens would have the right to public hearings before the adoption of governmental budgets occurred. Since the County Commissioners Court haphazardly passes the budget with little care, as they did on September 5, 2017, they must go in with drastic changes every two weeks to reflect all of their ever-changing spending priorities. By passing those budget amendments, supposedly on an “emergency” basis, Doyal and his secretive colleagues also ensure that the public will have no opportunity for hearings on the actual budget they eventually pass.


Greed is the rapacious desire for material possessions. That’s definitely where the head of Craig Doyal has been for many years. Doyal is not only the best friend and business partner of engineer Bobby Jack Adams of Halff Associates. Doyal’s golf buddies are largely the engineers and construction vendors who make millions of dollars off of Doyal’s decisions within the County government.

After Doyal leaves office, he plans to open a lobbying and consulting firm to serve those engineering firms and get them more government jobs.

Therefore, Doyal’s pushing the Montgomery County government to pay a larger share for a flood control grant than the San Jacinto River Authority is really no surprise. Doyal feels beholden to the SJRA. Why? Adams’ father Jim was the SJRA’s General Manager and Bobby Adams’ Halff Associates engineers is SJRA’s largest vendor. Doyal’s desire to take care of SJRA financially trumps his interest in looking out for the citizens of Montgomery Count.


Without any oversight or review, the Commissioners Court will vote at the beginning of the Commissioners Court meeting to spend $11,831,078.07 in tax dollars on 97 single-spaced pages of expenditures.

Halff Associates, Inc., with whom Doyal has business and personal ties, will receive $17,043.15. It’s questionable whether Doyal should even vote on such matters.

John Holzwarth, the major political contributor/engineer who largely performs the duties of the salaried Montgomery County Engineer, Mark Mooney, will receive $6,236.17.

There are hundreds of credit card charges on the County government’s credit card. There is no oversight whatsoever with respect to those charges or payments.

No one is keeping a watchful eye on those massive payments.


Envy is the insatiable desire for the possessions of one’s neighbor. At least if there were a full audit of the Montgomery County government’s books and records, the citizens could breathe easily that the tax dollars are going where they should be going.

Sadly, the Commissioners Court will continue its practice for many years of allowing the County Auditor to get away with auditing herself with no real external oversight of the books and records of a half a billion dollars per year government. The method of skirting a real audit is to hire an outside accounting firm only to perform a “test audit” rather than a full “examination audit.” Weaver & Tidwell, this year’s recipient of $60,000 of tax dollars for providing a very limited opinion concerning the sanctity of the taxpayers’ investment will only look at very limited portions of the actual books and records. Mainly, the job of the accounting firm is to slap an opinion letter on County Auditor Phyllis Martin’s financial statements basically stating that those are, in fact, her financial statements.


There is simply no way, other than lust or an insatiable desire, to explain the waste of $107 million of public money on the TX 249 Tollway, which the citizens of Montgomery County will have to pay as tolls – or taxes – likely for the next 30 years.

Very clearly co-criminal indictees Craig Doyal and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley wanted to build a tollroad so that they could channel public dollars to their political friends who established and funded their criminal legal defense fund. Doyal and Riley lobbied the Texas Department of Transportation to ensure that the entire TX 249 extension through Montgomery County would be a tollroad, so they could justify building 3 miles of that extension as a tollroad from Spring Creek to Pinehurst.

After they inflicted the tollroad on this community, Doyal and Riley refused to permit the voters to vote up or down on whether the road should proceed as a tollroad.

TX 249 has nothing whatsoever to do with mobility. TxDOT would have built the TX 249 extension no matter what and clearly had the funding to do so.

The 3 mile Tollway that Doyal and Riley inflicted on the Magnolia area has far more to do with cronyism and their enjoyment of the money the vendors paid to them and for them.


The Montgomery County Commissioners Court clearly needs to mend its ways. Don’t be surprised if you see one or more of the heads on the Court members make more than a 360-degree turn on its shoulders. Exorcism anyone?




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