Montgomery County Commissioners Court approves transfer of slacker employee Case to Building Maintenance Department where nepotism abounds

Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack should receive an “A” rating for his Commissioners Court votes, because he abides by the Republican Party Platform and “conservative” principles far more closely than his colleagues.

Conroe, July 19 – The Montgomery County Commissioners Court unanimously approved the transfer of slacker employee Craig Case, the son of former Building Maintenance Director Paul Case, to the Building Maintenance Department at the Tuesday, July 10, 2018, Montgomery County Commissioners Court. Fortunately, thanks to an amendment by Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack to the proposed agenda item from lame duck elitist County Judge Craig Doyal and County Engineer Mark Mooney. It was, perhaps, fortunate that Mooney didn’t even show up for the Commissioners Court meeting at all (possibly to fulfill one of his numerous golf obligations).

Until the end of May, 2018, Paul Case was the Director of the Building Maintenance Department. Building Maintenance has one entire immediate family – father, mother, and son – work there, and recently included Bill Meador (Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador’s brother), Angela Ford (light bulb manager who is the daughter of Jule Puckett, Meador’s recently-retired grossly-overpaid secretary and best friend of Meador’s wife), and at least one other family. Case’s son, Craig, is a welder. His business card revealed that he worked at the office of the Building Maintenance Department, 19665 Airport Parkway, Conroe, Texas 77303.

Craig Case’s County Business Card with Building Maintenance Department address.

Even though Craig Case worked at the Building Maintenance Department under the direct supervision of his father, Paul Case the Director, according the Case as well as several other employees inside of that Department who requested anonymity, Doyal tried to hide the nepotism by assigning Craig Case’s salary and employee designation to Mooney’s County Engineer Department.

Apparently, now that Paul Case has retired, Doyal and Mooney, knowing that Doyal’s days as County Judge are numbered (the countdown is 176 days!), have decided formally to place Craig Case under the Building Maintenance Department which is where Case worked the entire time he’s enjoyed his $91,000 annual salary. Case does not hold an HVAC license with the State of Texas, so his only qualifications to serve as “HVAC/Controls Manager” for the Montgomery County government are that he was a nepotistic hire as his father’s son and that he’s a welder.

As this newspaper has previously reported, Case’s work habits are particularly weak. Craig Case often spends as much as three business hours per day sitting in his truck the Building Maintenance Department parking lot, according to one source inside of Doyal’s office and seven employees in the Building Maintenance Department who requested anonymity.

The manner in which Doyal and Mooney are finally transferring Craig Case to the true department for which he has always worked constitutes outright deceit on two levels. Here’s the manner in which they’ve included the agenda item for the July 10 meeting:


The “to be funded by contingency” aspect of Doyal’s and Mooney’s proposal was particularly disturbing, because this nepotistic protectionist move would result in the expenditure of new tax dollars to fund it. Fortunately, Noack moved to transfer Case’s salary from the Engineering Department to the Building Maintenance Department.

While the lingering impact of the nepotism lives upon the taxpayers’ heavily-burdened shoulders, at least Noack saved taxpayers some of the burden which Doyal and Mooney had planned.



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