Montgomery County Clerk candidates run sparse campaigns

Montgomery County Clerk Mark Turnbull appears in the video which he presented to the Commissioners Court Budget Workshop on July 25, 2017.

Conroe, January 21 – The two candidates for Montgomery County Clerk both are running sparse campaigns.  Incumbent County Clerk Mark Turnbull filed his Campaign Finance Report covering the period from July 1 to December 31, 2017, on January 3, 2018, while his challenger, Jeanie Stewart, filed her report on January 12, 2018. Both filings were timely.

When Turnbull won election to the County Clerk position in 1994, his opponent in the Republican Primary Election outspent him by more than ten to one, although Turnbull won the election by a comfortable margin. So far, Stewart has run a frugal campaign but still vastly outspent Turnbull.

Turnbull has raised no money as he reported to the Montgomery County Elections Adminstrator in his official filing. The Golden Hammer confirmed with Turnbull that he has not raised money and, at present, does not intend to ask others for contributions.

Turnbull has spent $2,134.97 of personal funds on his campaign, but he’s only spent less than $800 on advertising. Turnbull contributed $30 to County Treasurer candidate Melanie Pryor Bush, $25 to District Clerk candidate Melisa Miller, $25 to Precinct 2 County Commissioner candidate Brian Dawson, and $25 to County Judge candidate Mark Keough. Of course, he also paid his $1,250 filing fee.

Turnbull’s balance in his campaign account as of December 31, 2017, is $0.00.

Challenger Jeanie Stewart raised $2,615.76 during the six-month reporting period almost entirely in small contributions. Stewart’s three largest contributors were Alan and Carol Dreeson of Spring who contributed $500, the Matt Beasley for Justice of the Peace campaign who contributed $300, and Bo Young of Kingwood who contributed $250. Precinct 3 Constable Ryan Gable notably also contributed $150 to Stewart’s campaign. County Treasurer candidate Melanie Bush contributed $20 to Stewart.

Stewart spent none of her own funds in her campaign. She spent $6,846.83 on sundry campaign items. Stewart has hired Kristen Christ as a political consultant for fundraising help and paid her $1,150.

Stewart’s balance in her campaign account as of December 31, 2017, is $3,420.91.



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