Big Brother is Watching You: Montgomery County among state leaders in “Government Intrusion Index”

Conroe, June 19 – Montgomery County, Texas, is one of the leading counties in Texas in the “Government Intrusion Index,” the number of local government taxing authorities per 100,000 population. Montgomery County’s “Government Intrusion Index” is 22.95. That means that Montgomery County has 22.95 local government taxing entities per 100,000 population. The Government Intrusion Index for the entire State of Texas is only 19.8.

Montgomery County – at present – has 129 local taxing entities. The County government counts as one. There are ten (10) school districts that assess taxes in Montgomery County. There are fifteen (15) municipalities and one Woodlands Township that levy taxes. Additionally, there are one hundred and two (102) special districts all of which tax and which provide various “services” to justify their existence.

The Government Intrusion Index for the entire United States is 28.7, according to the last “Census of Governments” which the United States Census Bureau conducted in 2012. There are a total of 90,056 local government entities in the United States (5o states plus the District of Columbia).

Sadly, Texas is one of the fastest increasing states in the United States for the Government Intrusion Index. Montgomery County is among the fastest increasing counties in Texas for the Government Intrusion Index.

Montgomery County’s 129 local taxing entities, which yield a Government Intrusion Index of 22.95 taxing entities per 100,000 population, are higher than the per capita number of taxing entities in extremely liberal, big government states, such as California (Government Intrusion Index = 11.6), Massachusetts (Government Intrusion Index = 12.9), and New York (Government Intrusion Index = 17.6). Strangely, North Dakota has the highest Government Intrusion Index in the United States at 383.8 due to its tiny population and large land area.

Government has gotten so big and so out-of-control in Montgomery County that government leaders, such as Craig Doyal, the County Judge, don’t have any idea what’s going on inside of them. Doyal has revealed a profound ignorance about the Montgomery County Budget. Doyal and Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador actually complimented former Animal Shelter Director Todd “Boss” Hayden for his excellent work and for taking the Animal Shelter “to a new level” when the only new level the Shelter achieved under his direction was the number of animal killings. When government moves away from its core functions – law enforcement and public safety – government becomes more and more incompetent at a geometric rate.

Former Animal Shelter Director Todd “Boss” Hayden at the height of his governmental power.



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