Metts works one hour for photo-op, otherwise JP4 courtroom dark

JP James Metts.

New Caney, January 9 – Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts has only worked for one (1) hour during all of 2018. During that hour, he posed for photo-opportunities in his courtroom, so that the blog he controls through Jamie Nash, a County employee who works for Metts, could post photographs of the man briefly working.

Metts’ sole appearance at work over the five County work days in 2018 that began on January 2 was for slightly less than one hour when Metts heard some eviction cases during the morning of January 3, 2018. Metts made sure his public relations coordinator, Jamie Nash, who receives a County salary solely for the purpose of making Metts appear better, was in the JP courtroom on January 3 to take photographs to post on her blog “Montgomery County Police Reporter.” The blog post concerned Metts returning to work, but his return lasted only briefly.

Out of a total of 40 County work hours, Metts has worked 1, or 2.5% of the total work period, so far during 2018.

Metts was absent from the JP court during the entire month of December, 2017. He hasn’t appeared for Thursday arraignments for several months. Metts has not heard a juvenile case for over two-and-a-half months.

Meanwhile, Mett’s court office is in completely disarray. Metts’ girlfriend Diane Rogers and Jane Metts Landers, his cousin, who are direct-reports to Metts as full-time County employees have also been absent most of the time during 2018. A third employee, Jerry Sue Hayden, has been in the JP office more than 20 hours but has spent almost all of her time at the courthouse on the telephone handling personal business. Rogers, Landers, and Hayden didn’t attend the Thursday staff meeting, because, as they told two JP employees, “we don’t answer to Brian.” (They referred to Brian Stanley, Metts’ Chief of Staff.)

Montgomery County citizens will be unable to audit or examine the lengthy absences from work of Metts, Stanley, Rogers, Landers, or Hayden. Stanley, the Chief of Staff, requires “all employees” to fill out a sign-in and sign-out sheet when the ycome and go from the office. Stanley, has excepted, eight of the JP Department’s twelve employees from having to sign in and out, however. Therefore, the County government can only keep track of four out of the twelve employees’ work habits.
Three of Metts’ current employees are looking for new jobs. One of the three on the condition of anonymity has explained, “I like to work. I don’t get to do much of it here.”
Metts (salary $126,988.35, plus County benefits of $51,176.31, totaling $178,164.65 per year) is earning incredible compensation at the projected rate of $3,426.24 per hour.



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