Metts responds to breaking news revelation that he filed illegal lawsuit and acted as his own judge (the Davenports, Part 18)

New Caney, July 9 – Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts attempted on July 8 to respond to the court documents showing he filed an inappropriate lawsuit on behalf of Montgomery County where he acted as the plaintiff, the plaintiff’s attorney, and judge in the same case, which he initially lied about as not existing, but which The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, obtained anyway from sources inside the Montgomery County government. Metts’ rambling response follows:

Highlights of Metts’ response:

  • “He [The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher] created a totally false article attacking my character and legal judgment.” Response: The Golden Hammer appropriately questioned Judge Metts’ actions in filing a lawsuit where he acted as the plaintiff, plaintiff’s attorney, and judge. That’s not how due process works in Texas or the rest of the United States either.
  • “…as a matter of fact my order represented 4 of the 5 JP’s at the time, who needed the same result I did.” Response: Judge Metts should not blame Judge Lanny Moriarty, Judge Trey Spikes, or Judge Matt Masden, who are (or were) fine judges and superb elected officials, for his filing a lawsuit by Montgomery County against itself, a lawsuit where Metts claimed to represent the plaintiff as attorney and acted as the judge at the same time, and a lawsuit where Metts illegally issued an injunction order which is completely outside of the jurisdiction of justices of the peace under Texas law.
  • “The computer that created the document has long since been replaced; therefore no record of a one time needed document existed, no return of service was requested.” Response: First, Metts, not a computer created the document. Second, the computer still exists, because The Golden Hammer obtained the document showing the lawsuit case number, the names of the parties, and the officer who made service and provided the return of service as stated in the document. The document is below.
  • “Among those 100 or more people who commented and shared were attorneys and a municipal judge and educated people who do not know the difference between a lawsuit and an Order to Release information of the court to an outside vendor.” Response: With all due respect, Metts has completely lost his bearings. First, the attorneys, municipal judge, and educated people who commented all recognized that judicial orders occur in lawsuit and cases before a court. Normal judges who operate within the law don’t just issues written orders for the heck of it, unless they’re creating a fictitious or simulated lawsuit to scare somebody. Second, Metts’ comment is essentially an admission that he was simulating a lawsuit – a crime under the Texas Penal Code – in order to scare a County Department Director. Third, Metts as a justice of the peace has no authority to issue an injunction regardless of how angry or emotional he might feel at the time.

Metts’ response was just as bad as his original actions. What he has revealed is that during the past 4 years, he has gained no additional knowledge of the law or the propriety and seriousness of judicial actions.

Legacy database page showing Metts’ lawsuit in his own court on behalf of “Montgomery, County of”



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