Davenport Ring’s Metts-Dunn plea for salary money scammed Commissioners Court all way around without disclosure of Nash money

Davenport Ring’s Metts-Dunn plea for salary money scammed Commissioners Court all way around without disclosure of Nash money

Image: The Davenport Ring’s Metts and Dunn scammed the Montgomery Commissioners Court all the way around on January 8, 2019, when they got Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador to go along with a plea for more than $30,000 in additional salary funds. There was a major fact that Metts and Dunn failed to disclose.

Conroe and New Caney, January 22 – Let’s be clear: everything people say about Jason Dunn is that he’s an honorable person who has had a very successful career as a peace officer until January 1, 2019, when he became the Precinct 4 Montgomery County Justice of the Peace to replace lazy and corrupt James Metts who moved on to Precinct 4 County Commissioner. It’s clear, however, that Metts roped Dunn into scamming the Montgomery County Commissioners Court out of approximately $30,000 in funds out of the emergency-purpose “contingency fund” even though in actuality Dunn already had the funds easily available to him in his salaries budget.

Here’s how the scam went down.

Metts generally gives friends and family jobs with the taxpayers’ treasure. While he was JP, Metts forced the citizens to pay a salary to his girlfriend (Diane Rogers), his cousin (Jane Metts Landers), and the mother of his closest political ally (Jerry Sue Hayden).

Rogers worked only part-time for JP Metts. She’d make his breakfast at the office on those rare occasions (about once every two weeks) when Metts would show up for work. She’d carry on her own business and then leave around mid-day to manage and operate her and Metts’ restaurant, Sweetie Pies, in Splendora. Rogers received a full-time salary for part-time work for her boyfriend. The taxpayers paid her the salary ($43,609.36), plus hefty benefits.

Landers and Hayden rarely worked at all and had little to do with the operations of the JP court, according to the three employees of the court who spoke with this newspaper on the condition of anonymity. They drew nice salaries, $46,465.95 and $54,589.67, respectively, in addition to the lucrative County government benefits.

When Metts (officially) left the JP position, Landers and Hayden officially retired.

But there’s another important County government employee whom the taxpayers must pay in the Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace office, as a result of Metts putting her on the payroll long ago. That’s Jamie Nash, $31,516.58, who is the director of public relations for the JP court. Nash receives her salary plus benefits.

Judges don’t need a public relations person. No other judge in Montgomery County has such a person on their staff. In fact, The Golden Hammer hasn’t been able to find a public relations person on the staff of any other judge in the entire State of Texas.

What does Nash do? While Metts was the JP, Nash took his photographs working and handled rare press inquiries. That doesn’t take much time.

Nash’s real job for Metts – and for Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden – is to run the “Montgomery County Police Reporter,” a blog which somewhat promotes law enforcement but primarily focuses on promoting Metts. It’s important to note the tense of the verbs in this article.

Nash currently works for Metts to make him look good and do public relations in the form of the “Montgomery County Police Reporter.” Nash has run a number of pictorials in the past three weeks to make Metts appear to be busy on the streets of East Montgomery County doing his job as the Precinct 4 County Commissioner.

Even though Nash works for Metts, she’s continuing to receive her salary from Dunn’s JP 4 budget. When the Precinct 4 Commissioner’s Office road and bridge crew went to the Allendale neighborhood late last week to construct some trenches, Nash went with them in her Cadillac to take some photographs of the men working. (By the way, it’s great that Metts sent the crew in there finally to do something.)

Nash hasn’t been doing any photography for Dunn. But she’s definitely been drawing her $31,516.58 salary, as Nash works for Metts.

Therefore, when Dunn appeared before the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, to plead for money out of contingency funds to pay off the comp time and accrued County government benefits for Landers and Hayden, so that Dunn could then use the budgeted salaries to hire new employees instead, Metts and Dunn didn’t tell the Commissioners Court an important fact.

When Metts made the motion in Commissioners Court on January 8 to pay his cousin and the mother of his best friend accrued comp and benefits, Metts didn’t tell the Commissioners Court an important fact.

The fact? Nash continues to take a salary under Dunn’s payroll, even though her work for the Montgomery County Police Reporter on County government time is benefitting Metts, not Dunn or the citizens of JP Precinct 4. If Dunn had merely taken Nash off the payroll, he would have easily had the funds to hire a new employee to replace the one-quarter-time Landers and Hayden.

Neither Metts nor Dunn returned telephone calls seeking comment.



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