Merry Christmas from The Golden Hammer

Merry Christmas from The Golden Hammer

Image: Maroon Bells, near Aspen, Colorado.

Conroe, December 24 – Merry Christmas from The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper!

Christmas, of course, has an important theological meaning. In 2017, however, it also has a critical symbolic import as well: kindness to others and to yourself.

Sadly, this holiday doesn’t always feel like a period of pure happiness and joy in our lives. The rush of shopping, trying to get things done, and travel add stress that just doesn’t seem right at this time of year.

There’s nothing that prevents you from stopping, refusing to participate in the hustle and bustle for at least a few hours, and focusing on enjoying the moment that your life offers to you to spend with family and loved ones or merely to get a little bit of rest that your body and mind have needed.

Having compassion, love, and kindness for others and teaching those values as fundamental in our society would profoundly impact our entire civilization for the better. The concept of compassion usually refers to compassion for others.

With the challenges of our culture, each and every one of us should show compassion for ourselves. Reflect on what you need to catch your breath and rest. Think about how you can make yourself feel better. Show care for yourself as well as for others.

Christianity is a religion that encourages a very personal relationship with God. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus emphasized quiet prayer rather than making a public show of prayer. In the Gospel of John, it is personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Savior that defines one’s eternal relationship with God.

There is nothing wrong with focusing on yourself, the individual person, as well as on others during Christmas. The Scriptures encourage your personal relationship with the Lord, so you must care for the person in that relationship.

The Publisher and staff of this newspaper send our love to all our readers, all citizens, all taxpayers, and all about whom we write. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas.



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