Meador receives Golden Hammer Award for anti-law enforcement propaganda, positions

Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador.

Conroe, March 14 – Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador received the “Golden Hammer Award” for “hammering the taxpayers” with his propaganda statements about “unfunded state mandates” with which he has tried to justify increased County spending. Meador has consistently taken positions that oppose law enforcement funding on the Commissioner Court and the statements he’s made about “unfunded state mandates” are also critical of law enforcement.

During two recent Commissioners Court meetings, February 28 and February 14, 2017, Meador tried to justify the growth in County government spending from “unfunded state mandates.” When he made those bizarre statements, he didn’t explain what he meant.

In its fight against state property tax reform and in expressing opposition to Senator Paul Bettencourt’s (R-Houston) property tax relief bill in the Texas Senate, S.B. 2, the Texas Association of Counties (TAC), of which Meador is a member, provided the answer to the meaning of his bizarre statements. TAC has taken the position that the State of Texas unfairly imposes unfunded state mandates upon county governments by requiring them to have a court system, jails, and probation departments. In other words, TAC – and Meador – are complaining about counties having to fund law enforcement!

Meador has tried to justify more growth in the Montgomery County government’s spending during the next fiscal year, because he claims these “unfunded state mandates” make it so difficult for him to reduce spending. Of course, Commissioner Meador never bothered to check to see that all of those programs, plus a few other law enforcement departments, only constitute 22.8% of the total spending in the Montgomery County Budget.

Since criminal prosecutors, jails, and probation departments are a basic function of government which Meador calls an “unfunded state mandate,” then there is at least one other major program that would seem to fall under this category and for which Meador should take decisive action to reduce the burden on the taxpayers: the Texas Local Government Code and the Texas Constitution require the establishment in each county of something called a “County Commissioners Court.” Nothing in each of those basic laws requires any particular salary level for the County Judge and the County Commissioners. Nothing in those basic laws require Meador to vote for paying Jerry Don “Ice Man” Lambright $196,164, the highest salary of any elected official in the State of Texas.

Meador should and could take a strong stand against his dream world of these “unfunded state mandates.” He should save Montgomery County taxpayers well over $1 million per year by defunding the salaries of the County Attorney, the County Judge, and the four County Commissioners including himself. They could work as volunteers, just as the citizen activists in Republican Women’s Clubs, Republican organizations, the County GOP Executive Committee, the Tea Party groups, and other citizen activism organizations.

Meador’s propaganda is nothing but a rationalization, through his attempt at confusion of the citizens, for the explosion of County spending. Since 2000, Meador has overseen a 428% growth in County spending, even though the County population has only grown 84% during that time period.

Mike Meador is “hammering” the taxpayers with his massive spending proclivities. He deserved “The Golden Hammer Award.”






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