McDonald wins big for Conroe City Council in runoff with partisan overtones

Vineyard Church Pastor Raymond McDonald won handily in the June 30, 2018, Runoff Election for Conroe City Council.


Conroe, July 1 – Raymond McDonald, Pastor of The Vineyard Church in Conroe, won the June 30, 2018, Runoff Election for Conroe City Council handily, defeating Annie Jefferson Burnet 1,326 votes to 640 votes, or 67.5% to 32.5%. The race had strong partisan overturns, because Republican activists openly campaigned for McDonald while democrat activists from The Woodlands and Harris County campaigned for Jefferson Burnet.

McDonald told The Golden Hammer, “I’m overwhelmed with the amount of support I received from Republican organizations. I was blessed with that. Ms. Annie fought fiercely but, in the end, I had some wonderful communications with her and many of her supporters. I’m happy to see a bridge built. Her supporters were very kind and loving to me.”

McDonald confirmed that democrat party operatives from The Woodlands and from Harris County were openly involved in the campaign against McDonald and for Jefferson Burnet. Several democrat activists gave McDonald their cards and told him “we’re going to be a lot more competitive.” McDonald added, “The Republicans, as a group, really came together to help me.”

Montgomery County Republican Party Precinct Chairman and Steering Committee member Jon Bouche said, “Tonight was a great victory for Montgomery County as Republican Raymond McDonald has won in his bid for a seat on the Conroe City Council. It was very encouraging to see Republicans unified in their efforts to support Raymond McDonald and help keep Montgomery County ‘red.’ Every Republican in the county should be proud of the way everyone worked together during this election and should also be very excited about carrying this momentum into the November election. Congratulations Raymond McDonald on your great victory tonight!”

The new City Councilman, who will take the seat which longtime Council member Guy Martin is leaving, due to term limits, told this newspaper, “I have a passion for helping in this city. I first became interested in city government when I met and became friends with Jay Ross Martin. I felt like it was time for some new voices to step up.”

McDonald noted that he feels very passionately about the high price of water in Conroe as a result of actions of the San Jacinto River Authority. “As a Pastor, it bothers me to see poor people have a hard time paying for water. Our acquifers are not going dry. There’s no reason for water prices to be where they are.”

McDonald will take the oath of office at the next City Council meeting on July 12.



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