MCAD is just way too political

Conroe, April 20 – The re-appraisal of Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s home from $110,000 to $573,000 overnight reveals just how political the Montgomery Central Appraisal District (MCAD) actually is. If you ever had any question whether MCAD acted at the behest of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, all doubt should leave you.

After a day, yesterday, when Doyal suffered substantial political heat for the ostensibly-“delayed” appraisal of the new lakefront home into which he moved in early autumn last year, MCAD responded to The Golden Hammer‘s front page article by helping Doyal remove that political problem and re-assessing his home to a more correct value.

Now, we’ve got at least three major examples of how MCAD is under the Commissioners Court’s direct control.

First, we’ve all witnessed the incident with Doyal’s home valuation during the past 24 hours.

Second, let’s not forget that Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley, Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Meador, former Precinct 3 Commissioner Ed Chance, “establishment” friend Bruce Tough, and their close ally homebuilder Tom Cox are the members of the MCAD Board of Directors.

Third, you should remember a funny little thing that happened when Doyal, jim fredricks, and County IT Director Marshall Shirley were attempting to load the disastrous new County website ( late in 2016. When users attempted to log into MCAD’s website, they went directly to the County’s website instead. Clearly, Montgomery County’s Commissioners Court has direct control over the MCAD website, because it’s all part of the same County government programming and servers.

Therefore, let’s stop “beating around the bush”: when you get those higher “appraisals” from MCAD, don’t let Doyal and the County Commissioners Court fool you. Rest secure in the knowledge that MCAD’s appraisals are nothing but an artifice for higher County taxation, so Doyal and colleagues may continue their out-of-control explosion of County government spending.



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