MAJOR BREAKING NEWS! SREC votes to put Montgomery County Republican tollroad referendum on statewide ballot!


There is a large group of citizens who have worked very hard to get the tollroad referendum on the ballot in the March 6, 2017, Primary Election. Some of the group are in this photograph. Left to right, Ginger Russell, Bob Bagley, Kelli Cook, Bill O’Sullivan, and Reagan Reed.

Austin, December 2 – The State Republican Executive Committee voted in its full meeting on Saturday, December 2, 2017, to place the nonbinding referendum on the ballot concerning tollroads, which the Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee had voted on August 15 to request. The ballot proposition will ask Republican voters statewide whether they support or oppose the following proposition:

“No governmental entity should ever construct or fund the construction of toll roads, unless its voters have approved each road by referendum.”

The Courier blog, Wally Wilkerson, and Craig Doyal told you so; oh, wait, they were wrong!

In a blog post, dated August 16, 2017, the ultra-liberal blog which calls itself “the Courier,” through its ace writer Catherine Dominguez, posted the following totally biased front page article about the tollroad referendum the County Executive Committee had passed and recommended for the March, 2018, Republican Primary Election ballot:

Courier’s Catherine Dominguez: “A vote by the Montgomery County Executive Committee of the Republican Party to get a nonbinding referendum on the ballot in March won’t go anywhere because the local group has no authority to take such action, according to the head of the Montgomery County Republican Party [Wally Wilkerson].” (Emphasis added.)

“The Courier” blog editorialized in the name of news which was actually didn’t even rise to the more respectable level of “speculation.” Rather, “the Courier’s” article was little more than an “establishment” hope. It’s important to note “the Courier” gets its article assignments from County Judge Craig Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks who obviously desperately didn’t want the tollroad referendum on the statewide ballot.

How the proposition got on the ballot

A contingent of five Montgomery County citizens attended the SREC Committee on Resolutions meeting in Austin on Friday, December 1, only to discover that the committee chair had already set the Montgomery County tollroads proposition low on the committee’s priority list. Therefore, the Committee on Resolutions voted the proposition down 2 votes in favor with approximately 12 votes against. None of the citizens received permission to speak to the Committee and later expressed their disappointment to the Committee chair and to one other member of the Committee on Resolutions.

Terry Holcomb, a leading conservative activist who represents Senatorial District 3 on the SREC, agreed to help the Montgomery County group with their proposition. He assured the disappointed Montgomery County activists that he’d bring the matter up before the full SREC meeting on December 2.

Holcomb was entirely true to his commitment. On Saturday, December 2, after the Committee on Resolutions presented their report, a number of members of the SREC expressed concerns about several of the ballot propositions they had proposed as being inappropriate for ballot propositions. The idea behind nonbinding ballot propositions, as State Republican Chairman James Dickey had explained on December 1 is “to give tools to the citizens to get these items enacted by Republicans in the Legislature.”

Holcomb, therefore, bravely stood before the entire SREC, comprised of 62 Republican leaders from across Texas, and made a motion to substitute the second proposition in the Resolutions Committee report with the Montgomery County toll road proposition. After much discussion, the entire SREC voted 30 votes in favor of Holcomb’s motion and 29 votes against. Holcomb and the Montgomery County activists not only got their proposition on the statewide ballot but it’s the second proposition!

Holcomb explained, “I am honored to represent Montgomery County as part of Senatorial District 3 on the State Republican Executive Committee. It was my privilege to be the champion for the tollroads resolution which the Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee had so forcefully supported back in August.”

The State Republican Executive Committee later voted up or down on each of the ballot propositions. When the vote came for the tollroads proposition, the SREC voted almost unanimously in favor of placing it on the ballot.

State Republican Chairman Dickey, who is a genuine conservative and encouraged the Montgomery County contingent to press forward, said to the Montgomery County activists behind the tollroads ballot proposition, “Thank you so much for being involved and for engaging on such an important issue. We look forward to letting the Republican voters decide at the ballot box.”

Obviously, Doyal, fredricks, Wilkerson, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, and “the Courier” aren’t so excited.




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