MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Reed posts “95 theses” of Montgomery County corruption (partly to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Martin Luther-led Reformation)!!!

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Reed posts “95 theses” of Montgomery County corruption (partly to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Martin Luther-led Reformation)!!!

Image: Reagan William Reed, leading “Reformationist,” posting his “95 Theses” of Montgomery County corruption on the door of the Sadler Administration Building in Conroe, on October 31, 2017, partly to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of his 95 Theses on the door of the All Saints’ Church at Wittenberg, Germany, but mostly to clean up the massive, unbridled corruption of the County government.


Conroe, October 31 – Today, the 500th anniversary of when theologian Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, German, to commence the Protestant Reformation, Republican Precinct Chairman and leading conservative political activist Reagan William Reed posted “95 Theses, Montgomery County Edition,” to the door of the Alan B. Sadler Administration Building this afternoon in a stunning turn of developments.  It’s a list of some of the worst examples of corruption and mismanagement in this County would a good reference for the next election. Reed’s “95 Theses” is a remarkable document that will hopefully begin a revolution the scope of what Luther did half a millennium ago but instead to bring reform to Montgomery County, Texas.

Neither the citizens or our children can afford to wait another half millennium for the reform process to complete.

The resemblance between Martin Luther, on October 31, 1517, and Reagan William Reed on October 31, 2017, is truly striking!

Reed’s entire “95 Theses, Montgomery County Edition” along with his brief introduction follows:

“Below are 95 documented cases of waste, corruption, mismanagement, and malfeasance in our county government. The hardest part of compiling this list was narrowing it down to only 95!

1. Doyal and Riley conspired to circumvent the Texas Open Meetings Act by conducting secret deliberations concerning the 2015 road bond.

2. Rather than trying to prove their innocence under the law, Doyal and Riley have instead tried to have the entire TOMA thrown out and declared unconstitutional, and are thus working to undermine transparency in government for all Texans.

3. Doyal, Riley, and Meador have continued to push for the ill-advised and unpopular SH 249 toll road extension, despite the fact that Montgomery County citizens do not want toll roads.

4. They are putting county taxpayers on the line by funding the 249 toll with revenue bonds, despite the fact that TxDOT has said they would be willing to pay for the road.

5. The county is paying at least $73 million for the toll, approximately three times the national average for similar roads.

6. Doyal and Riley went to Austin and testified before TxDOT in support of the toll, while Grimes County officials asked that their section of the road not be tolled. Consequently, Montgomery County will have a toll road, while Grimes County’s portion will be toll free.

7. While approximately 15 miles of the 249 toll will be in Montgomery County, the county will only be building 3.6 miles of it. The rest will be build by TxDOT, which shows that they could be building and paying for the entire road.

8. Doyal, Riley, and Meador, who all run on the Republican ticket, have repeatedly ignored the Republican Party platform, which is directly opposed to new tolls.

9. Doyal, Riley, and Meador refuse to let citizens have a vote on tolls, despite the fact that the Montgomery County Republican Party has called for a referendum on tolls. They know tolls would be voted down.

10. The 249 toll is a perfect example of cronyism in Montgomery County. It benefits the developers who own land in the proposed route and support and fund Doyal and Riley, to the detriment of the taxpayers.

11. Doyal has repeatedly voted to award funds for preliminary work on the 249 toll to the engineering firm Halff Associates, whose Vice President, Bobby Adams, is business partners with Doyal in a separate company they jointly run- a clear conflict of interest.

12. Another reason Doyal voting to award contracts to Halff Associates is a conflict of interest is because they are helping to fund his legal defense against in the TOMA trial.

13. Doyal and Riley have sought repeatedly to extend The Woodlands Parkway extension out to 249 to put more traffic on their toll.

14. They have continued to ignore the opposition of residents in The Woodlands to the WPX, and push it despite the fact that it would drastically increase traffic in The Woodlands and be devastating to the community.

15. Riley has recently tried to resurrect the WPX, renaming it Mansions Way and moving it several hundred yards.

16. Doyal oversaw the construction of Montgomery County’s very first toll road, the woefully underused 242 flyover toll.

17. For years, Doyal and Riley have stored their BBQ trailers at the Precinct 2 barn, in violation of state law.

18. Riley used trucks belonging to Magnolia ISD, and school employees, to transport equipment for his political fundraiser, in violation of state law.

19. A grand jury had to be called yet again to hear the allegations about Doyal and Riley using county property for personal and political gain.

20. County employee Melissa Goetz was instructed by Doyal and Riley to use county resources, such as a county printer she took home, to work on Doyal’s campaign. After months of telling her to engage in this illegal behavior, they later used it as an excuse to fire her.

21. Doyal and Meador were involved in the corrupt Joe Corley Jail scandal, where they built a mental health facility for GEO.

22. During the Joe Corley Jail scandal, $16 million tax dollars went missing, according to then infrastructure director Mark Bosma.

23. In order to gain their current offices in 2014 and keep power in the hands of the “good ole boy” network, Doyal and Riley waged an extremely nasty and deceitful campaign against Mark Bosma and Rob Harmon, respectively.

24. Upon winning the election, Doyal’s first act as county judge was to force all county departments under the umbrella of his office, forcing them to report to him instead of the whole court, and essentially creating a dictatorship in county government.

25. Riley and Meador abdicated their responsibilities as commissioners and voted to give Doyal this dictatorial authority.

26. Riley and Meador have since then voted against decentralizing power, when commissioners Noack and Clark brought resolutions to reverse Doyal’s power grab.

27. Once Doyal consolidated authority over departments under himself, he promptly fired infrastructure director Mark Bosma, who was his electoral opponent and the whistleblower on Doyal’s corruption in the Joe Corley Jail scandal.

28. After the election, Doyal compiled a hit list of county employees and officials who supported Bosma in the election.

29. Doyal has fostered an atmosphere of fear and paranoia within the county bureaucracy, where employees who are suspected of not being loyal enough to him are persecuted, threatened, and even fired.

30. Doyal fired Purchasing Director Darlou Zenor, who was a friend and supporter of Bosma, in an act of political retribution.

31. Zenor’s firing came immediately after she promptly provided an open record requested by local muckraker Eric Yollick.

32. Doyal threatened Human Resources Director Dodi Shaw, another Bosma asociate, and made her pledge fealty him himself.

33. Nepotism is rampant. Doyal, Riley, and Meador have essentially turned Montgomery County into a large family business by divvying out jobs to family and friends.

34. Doyal’s daughter works in the county treasurer’s office.

35. Doyal sought to have his daughter promoted to Vice-Treasurer, and gave HR Director Shaw a ton of flack when she did not rush the paperwork needed for his daughter’s elevation.

36. In an egregious act of nepotism, Riley specifically created a position in the Pct. 5 constable’s office to be filled by his wife, Deanne.

37. The court then voted to hire Deanne to the county job Riley created for her.

38. Another example of nepotism is Meador’s brother, Bill Meador, who works for the building maintenance department.

39. Craig case works in the building maintenance department, which his father, Paul Case, oversees.

40. Both the wife and son of Rob Wright, Assistant Director of Building Maintenance, both work under him in the same department.

41. Doyal mismanaged the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, which devolved into an utter disaster under his watch. It was not until Noack stepped in and reformed the shelter that it began to turn around.

42. Doyal micromanaged the superstar shelter director Noack brought in, Charles Jackson, resulting in him leaving the job after only a few months.

43. Doyal, Riley, and Meador have recklessly wasted the taxpayers money, never seeming to find a spending project they didn’t like.

44. During Doyal’s tenure on the court, county spending has grown at a faster rate than the federal government under Obama. From 2006-17, the county budget grew 256%, while the federal budget “only” grew 57% over the same period.

45. Doyal has grown spending faster than the growth of population/inflation. Since 2006, county spending has exceeded population grown by over six times.

46. Doyal, Riley, and Meador have increased the tax burden upon Montgomery County citizens.

47. For years, under Doyal’s leadership, Montgomery County was one of the few counties in Texas with no general homestead exemption.

48. When Noack fought for a 20% homestead exemption, Doyal initially denied the full 20%, and instead sought to placate angry taxpayers with a mere 10% exemption.

49. It was only when tremendous pressure from taxpayers brought the matter back up for a vote that Riley switched sides and supported a full 20%, causing Doyal to then support it also when he saw he was outvoted.

50. Meador was the lone vote against the 20% homestead exemption, a poke in the eye to all taxpayers.

51. Meador had a broad and beautiful road to nowhere built, and then named it after himself: the Mike Meador Parkway.

52. Doyal, Riley, and Meador created an extremely wasteful and bloated $350 million road bond for the May 2015 election (which included the unpopular Woodlands Pkwy extension).

53. $11 million of the road bond was originally designated as a slush fund for Meador, and listed as “to be determined”.

54. The $350 million bond was rife with short term maintenance projects, which should have been paid for out of the county budget.

55. Doyal, Riley, and Meador demonstrated incredible fiscal irresponsibility by putting the county in debt with 30 year bonds for maintenance projects with a 5-10 year life.

56. 4 of the 5 Justices of the Peace in Montgomery County continue to use the less efficient NetData software for their offices, instead of coming in line with the Tyler Technologies system utilized by every other court in the county.

57. Doyal sits on the board of directors for The Woodlands Road Utility District 1, a taxing district gerrymandered to only include two voters, but which taxes businesses around the mall. The very existence of this district violates the principle of “no taxation without representation”.

58. Doyal sitting on both RUD 1 and commissioners court is a conflict of interest.

59. For years, Doyal and the board have voted to levy taxes upon RUD 1, unrestrained by an electorate.

60. The RUD 1 board, through their legal counsel, have delayed and obstructed open records requests by Tea Party activists.

61. A number of activists moved into a hotel in RUD 1 and registered to vote there to stop the taxation. They were then subjected to a political prosecution instigated by then State Sen. Tommy Williams, who had one of the RUD 1 voters thrown in prison.

62. While Doyal has technically lowered the tax rate in recent years, the overall tax burden on Montgomery County has grown exponentially due to rising appraisals.

63. The Montgomery County Central Appraisal District Board has essentially waged a war against Montgomery County taxpayers by skyrocketing appraisals.

64. Riley and Meador are responsible for rising appraisals, as they sit on the MCAD board, along with former commissioner Ed Chance, former The Woodlands Township Chair Bruce Tough, and Tom Cox.

65. It is an inherent conflict of interest for Riley and Meador to sit on the MCAD board deciding how much revenue the county will get at the same time as they sit on commissioners court and spend the money.

66. Riley has declined to be reappointed to MCAD, but Meador shamelessly renominated himself to the board.

67. While MCAD raises home values to milk Montgomery County taxpayers of every cent they can, they drastically under appraised Doyal’s palatial mansion for much less than it was worth.

68. Doyal’s $500,000+ house was appraised for $110,000. The very next day after this fact was revealed by The Golden Hammer, Doyal’s house was immediately reappraised for $573,020.

69. MCAD appraised the house of well-connected State Rep. Will Metcalf for only $405,950, while he was actually selling it for $2,950,000.

70. MCAD originally proposed in 2017 to approve a budget increase of 17%.

71. The proposed budget was massively bloated, with a $60,000 slush fund.

72. After tremendous backlash, MCAD “only” grew their budget 4%.

73. Doyal and the commissioners sit on the Montgomery County Toll Road Authority at the same time as funding construction of the tolls as commissioners, a conflict of interest.

74. In 2017, Doyal, Riley, and Meador largely ignored the fiscally conservative recommendations of the Citizens Budget Committee.

75. Rather than a 5% cut in county spending, like Noack and Clark proposed, the court ended up reducing the budget by reducing the debt service.

76. They did not “significantly reduce” spending, as called for in a resolution passed by the Montgomery County GOP.

77. Doyal wastes millions of dollars by keeping “ghost employee” positions open. These are positions which remained unfilled for years, but are still included in the budget.

78. Doyal sought to vote himself a hefty 10% raise.

79. Montgomery County Commissioners are the 2nd highest paid in Texas, making approximately $165,000. They make slightly less than those of Harris County, which is 9 times larger, and more than those of Dallas County and many other larger counties. They make more than the governor.

80. Despite making an exorbitant salary, Doyal is largely an absentee judge, spending much of his time playing golf.

81. Many county employees are overpaid. Chief among them was Jule Puckett, who was paid over $130,000 as Meador’s secretary.

82. The former Animal Shelter Director, Todd Hayden, who ran the shelter into the ground, was paid $144,000.

83. Doyal’s chief of staff, Jim Fredricks, cannot work full time, but makes almost $120,000, while at the same time working in real estate and running a small PR firm.

84. Building Maintenance Director Paul case employs his son for over $91,000 as a welder for the department.

85. Justice of the Peace James Metts runs one of the most inefficient courts in Montgomery County.

86. Metts’ inappropriate behavior towards a female county employee cost taxpayers money. The county paid over $40,000 of taxpayers money to settle a sexual harassment suit by Delonna Snow against Metts.

87. Metts supported jailing an honor student who missed too many days at school because she had to work to support her sick mother.

88. Metts once sued a county employee in his own court in a case where he was the plaintiff, plaintiff’s attorney, and judge- all at the same time.

89. Doyal forced a vote on a wasteful master plan for the Lone Star Airport, which would spend $3.9 million over the next few years, without allowing Noack and Clark the time to read it.

90. Doyal, Riley, and Meador voted to shell out $209,151 to clean an airport runway, a job which should have cost only approximately ¼ that amount.

91. Montgomery County Republican Chairman Wally Wilkerson has repeatedly worked to undermine conservative precinct chairs in their precinct. He removed three conservative precinct chairs, Betty Anderson, John Wertz, and Larry Rogers under various pretenses.

92. Wilkerson routinely opposes and obstructs conservative resolutions, including resolutions calling for a lower tax rate, supporting a 20% homestead exemption, condemning liberal Speaker Joe Straus, and calling for a vote on toll roads.

93. Wilkerson has sat and done nothing to stop Democrats from organizing to take over “non-partisan” offices.

94. Under his over half-century tenure as county chair, Wilkerson has said and done nothing while corruption has run rampant among Republican officials, and has refused to hold them accountable to the Republican Party platform.

95. The entire “good ole boys” network has for decades ruled over the county, using the levers of power to benefit them and their friends personally. Because of their culture of corruption, Montgomery County has become a byword for graft and is notorious statewide as one of the most corrupt counties in Texas.”



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