Magnolia ISD Trustee Baker hypocritically attacks whistleblower Russell’s right to fight for freedom

Magnolia ISD Trustee Baker hypocritically attacks whistleblower Russell’s right to fight for freedom

Image: Longtime conservative Republican political activist Ginger Russell of Magnolia.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Magnolia, July 19 – Magnolia Independent School District (Magnolia ISD) Trustee Kristi Baker, a leftist who has supported the teaching of racist “critical race theory” and the Marxist International Baccalaureate program inside Magnolia public schools, attacked longtime conservative Republican political activist Ginger Russell, also of Magnolia, in an email for Russell’s inclusion of the phrase “Freedom Isn’t Free” in all of her emails. Baker responded to Russell, who is also an expert in public school education curricula, with the following frontal attack on July 13, 2021:

“On behalf of war veterans and their spouses, throughout this country…we request that people like you, who have sacrificed absolutely nothing in defense of our nation, stop bastardizing phrases, like “Freedom isn’t free”…that are meant to honor those who have given their ALL for America….as a way to try to further your personal agenda. You even sunk so low as to use that phrase to help your company sell pipe to fill your own pockets. Out of respect for true patriots, stop.”
Magnolia Independent School District Trustee Kristi Baker.
There are many problems with Baker’s email attack against Russell. First, Baker herself is neither a war veteran nor the spouse of a war veteran.

The Magnolia ISD website has a biography of Baker and refers to the beginning of her term in 2020 and her husband. Nevertheless, Baker and her ex-husband divorced in 2019. Baker has no spouse.

First page of Kristi Baker’s Final Decree of Divorce, which 410th District Judge Jennifer Robin signed on August 20, 2019. Source: Montgomery County District Clerk Melisa Miller.

Now, let’s be clear: Russell, who has consistently fought for the cause of freedom, particularly in her opposition to the growth of big government in Magnolia and Montgomery County, is not a veteran or the spouse of a veteran either.

Russell and Kelli Ann Cox, the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, together defeated the entire Magnolia political establishment in August, 2018, when they campaigned against and defeated the Magnolia ISD’s Tax Ratification Election. Russell was instrumental in the defeat of Conroe Independent School District’s May 4, 2019, bond election in the amount of $800 million, the first time in history that Conroe ISD lost one of those bond referenda. Russell helped to defeat Conroe ISD’s second attempt to spend more than $20 million on artificial turf in Conroe’s and The Woodlands’ public school, when that bond issue also went down to defeat in November, 2019.

Russell was one of the first individuals in Texas to expose the racism behind “critical race theory” and the fact that Magnolia ISD espouses the racist concept in its library and curriculum. She also has uncovered numerous other hypocrisies and liberal indoctrination programs, which Baker and her colleagues on the Magnolia ISD Board of Trustees have supported.

Additionally, Russell was instrumental in the election of a pro-reform slate of candidates in countywide elections in March, 2018, when she served as a Board member of the Freedom and Liberty Conservatives PAC.

Russell has continuously criticized Magnolia ISD and Baker for raising taxes substantially every year on local taxpayers.

Clearly, Russell has fought for freedom and has every right to include the statement “Freedom Isn’t Free” in her email correspondence.

Baker’s attack on Russell also misses an important point. There have been many philosophers supporting freedom and liberty in American history who are neither war veterans nor the spouse of a war veteran.

Arguably, the most prominent author of philosophical arguments for freedom, who neither served as a war veteran nor as the spouse of a war veteran, was Thomas Jefferson, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the third President of the United States. Jefferson was a lawyer and plantation owner. From 1769 to 1775, Jefferson served in the Virginia House of Burgesses. As a tribute to his outstanding service, Jefferson received an honorary appointment as a Colonel of the Albemarle County Militia. As an honorary Colonel, Jefferson never saw war or combat. In fact, when the American Revolutionary War began in 1776, Jefferson’s political enemies noted that he escaped from his plantation through the woods to avoid the British military. His enemies dubbed Jefferson the “Coward of Carter’s Mountain” in a reference to his flight from Monticello at the beginning of the war.

Under Baker’s argument, Jefferson would not meet Baker’s qualifications to write the Declaration of Independence or to serve as the first Secretary of State of the United States of America or as the third President.

Clearly, whistleblowers, such as Russell, have an impact on casting light on political corruption, which is rampant in the Magnolia ISD. Baker’s harsh words directed at Russell would seem to measure Russell’s impact as immense in the fight from freedom, which certainly is not free.



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