Mad Cow (Texas) Award: Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the worst elected official, 2021

Mad Cow (Texas) Award: Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the worst elected official, 2021

Image: Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the most powerful Governor in Texas history. Ain’t fear grand?

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Austin, December 30 – Texas Governor Greg Abbott is the worst elected official in Texas in 2021. He may be the worst in Texas history.

Why even have a Legislature when the Governor issues his own laws from the Governor’s Mansion?

Both the intent and the text of the Texas Constitution make the Governor a weak executive with little more than appointment power, when the Legislature is not in session, and a super-legislator power, when the Legislature is in session.

Abbott, however, has turned Chapter 418 of the Texas Government Code into a tour de force under which he has turned himself into the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches of the State government. With his Executive Order GA-40 on October 11, 2021, Abbott crossed over into direct orders to private Texas businesses and entities.

The Legislature never intended to give the Governor the power to make laws, enforce criminal laws, and govern private businesses through Chapter 418, even in so-called “emergencies.” Nevertheless, with little challenge from the Judicial Branch, Abbott has usurped the entire State government and expanded Executive power far beyond any reasonable restraint.

First, Abbott shut down disfavored businesses in the name of the “China Virus” or “COVID-19.” Abbott even threatened non-abiding business owners with criminal enforcement to the degree of hairdresser Shelley Luther’s incarceration in the Dallas County Jail.

Second, Abbott shut down and threatened Texas churches, but only until his 2024 Presidential opponent, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, openly opposed government actions against churches during the pandemic.

Third, Abbott began to issue executive orders to take control of the Texas military and law enforcement communities in response to the Biden administration’s border crisis.

Fourth, when mandates became even more unpopular, Abbott implemented anti-mandate mandates against local school boards considering implementing mask-wearing requirements. Nothing under Texas law gave Abbott such authority, but, in the face of fear of parents over their control of their children’s lives, Abbott has largely gotten away with his anti-mask mandates, even though Texas laws and the Texas Constitution clearly intend for local school district governance of Texas’ public schools.

Fifth, when Abbott believed he could face down the Biden Administration to score some political points, Abbott issued his executive order challenging Biden’s own illegal vaccine mandate.

Abbott has turned federalism into a new concept with the assistance of Joe Biden. Both Biden and Abbott have enjoyed increasing Executive power under the guise of responding to coronavirus fears and panic.

Their actions are patently illegal, but the popularity-seeking courts have bowed to political pressure to ignore the law and the Constitutional heritage of Texas and of the United States.

Greg Abbott makes former State Representative Mike Martin look as though he was a conscientious public servant. Abbott’s lust for power has few parallels in American history, although Joe Biden is probably in the same category.

By ignoring all constitutional restraints, Greg Abbott gets things done and has decimated the concept of limited government. He’s the worst Governor Texas has ever suffered and is, arguably the worst elected official in the history of the Great State of Texas.




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