Mack’s deception about his upcoming campaign fundraiser even tricked the blog which attempts to compete with Montgomery County’s leading newspaper

Conroe, October 6 – It’s really quite pitiful. The Courier blog ran an attempted news story today that is a political first: they reported a campaign fundraiser for a candidate running for re-election, Wayne Mack the King of Deception, as though it is some sort of motivational event!

It’s starting to appear that the Commissioners Court should declare Thursday, October 12, 2017, “Montgomery County Political Deception Day.”

Headline in the sad Courier blog, dated October 6, 2017, in a post in which there’s no mention that the so-called “motivational speeches” are actually for a re-election fundraiser for Wayne Mack, the King of Deceptive Advertising.

The headline of the Courier blog’s post is “Judge Mack hosting ‘Discover Your Destiny’ night of motivational speakers” in a piece posted October 6, 2017. Nowhere in the article is there any mention that the admission fee goes to the Wayne Mack re-election campaign. Mack and his writer and propagandist, political boss Marc Davenport, successfully fooled the Courier blog into believing that Mack is hosting some sort of motivational night, when, in fact, his motivation is MONEY.

The Courier blog didn’t include any sort of political disclaimer in or around the post. Interestingly, however, when Mack advertising the so-called “motivational” event, Mack did show in tiny print the true nature of it. It’s a re-election fundraiser for the ambitious narcissist Mack.

Mack’s ad for “motivational” event, which he fooler the Courier blog into believing was something other than a political fundraiser. Notice the political election disclaimer in the bottom left corner.

October 12, 2017: Montgomery County Political Deception Day

During the morning of October 12, Mack is holding his “Re-election Kick Off Event” under the appellation “4th Annual Prayer Breakfast.” Mack, who regularly uses the name of the Lord in vain for self-promotion of his political career, is selling sponsorships for his re-election kick off, which he’s calling in advertising “the greatest non political event of the year.” Please see ”

Mack’s re-election kickoff event, which his political campaign is managing, pushes way beyond the limits of judicial and campaign ethics with the numerous misrepresentations he has made to the public about the October 12, 2017, event. In two different advertisements during the past weekend, Mack has tried to entice people to pay money to his re-election kick off event by claiming that it’s the “greatest non political event of the year.” Please see “Mack Violates Judicial Conduct Code, Texas Election Law with Fundraiser Misrepresentations,” The Golden Hammer, October 3, 2017.

It’s just like a political campaign event. That’s because that’s exactly what Mack’s October 12 event is: a political fundraiser. Follow the money.

Mack is not contributing any of the raised funds to churches, mission work, or even charities. Rather, the proceeds from the “Prayer Breakfast” and the “motivational speeches” in the evening go to Mack’s political campaign.

That’s why the advertising that the event is the “greatest non political event of the year” is so very disturbing. Actually, it’s not legal either.

It’s not really very surprising that the Courier blog fell for the deception. They’re the “establishment.” They don’t investigate but, instead, wait for the government to issue stories to them. They’re the perfect mark for political boss Marc Davenport and his Mack.




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