Mack unleashes rant against Citizens Budget Committee spending reduction proposals

Conroe, July 28 – Wayne Mack, a Marc Davenport puppet, unleashed a rant against citizens who would dare to criticize elected officials whom he places on a pedestal. According to Mack, anyone who would dare question the massive spending and wastefulness within County departments is his version of “a few angry unelected ‘want a be’ in power.” Apparently, in the world of Wayne Mack, if you’re not an elected official, it’s your duty to keep your mouth shut so that his elite can go about their business.

As for Lorena Garcia, when did she stand for election as the “MoCo Director of Building Servicess”? This newspaper can find no record of an election for “chief janitor” whom Mack wants to place on that pedestal above the poor taxpayers who would dare question her poor management (many of the policies of which Mack himself put in place when he was “chief janitor.”)

Here’s the text of Mack’s (Davenport’s?) post in its entirety:

“Lorena Garcia the MoCo Director of Building Services did a great job taking a stand this week, against such terrible misinformation and poor business recommendations. True leaders are someone the people want to follow. We have seen several examples of that this week. So very Proud of our electeds that didn’t given into to a unelected budget committee and all the arrogance of ignorance in county government operations. Just because I want to be race car driver, doest mean I will driving down 105 West at 200mph and time soon. Our Elected County Judge and Commissioners care about all the ciztens of community and not just a few Reckless recommendations from a few angry unelected “want a be” in power, so badly they will make stuff up daily, fake news anarchist that love to create polical pornography and attempt to distribute it anyway they can. Blog it, post it , like it, share it, because after all it does not need to be true. Just verbal vomited all over people hoping that it will stick. Some people are getiing sick of the smell it is causing. The law of the harvest will always prevail. Plant good seed, good things grow, plant seed like lies and deception like the weeds they are will eventually get exposed. We can not pretend to be a beautiful flower when inside your really just a cockabur, a sticky, poker or burr. We all know hurting people, have to hurt others to feel good about their pain. Love them, hug them and pray for.them. #DoNotReadFakeNews #StandUp #TrueLeadersLead”

Here’s a screenshot of Mack’s morning rant:

Screen shot of Wayne Mack’s morning rant.

Does Mack seek to become Montgomery County’s version of Anthony Scaramucci?



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