Mack flaunts disregard for Texas judicial ethics by endorsing fellow Davenport Ring member for public office

Two of Montgomery County’s most corrupt and ineffective officials: Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley (left) and Wayne Mack (right).

Conroe, February 10 – Wayne Mack, who is the Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace of Montgomery County, has repeated flaunted his open violation of the Texas Judicial Conduct Code by his endorsement of fellow Davenport Ring member Stephanne Davenport, the County Treasurer who is desperately trying to hold onto her job. The Davenport Ring is the group of corrupt politicians and elected officials who follow the direction of the criminally-indicted corrupt political boss Marc Davenport, who is also Stephanne Davenport’s husband.

With a strong challenge in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election from Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees President Melanie Pryor Bush, who is vastly more qualified for the Treasurer’s position than Davenport, who never received a college degree and worked for a secretarial service and sold soap prior to going to work for the County government, Davenport has resorted to desperate measures to try to keep her job. Davenport has hidden her office procedures manual from public view in direct violation of the legal opinion of Montgomery County Attorney J.D. Lambright. Davenport has also claimed endorsements from several elected officials and business leaders who denied endorsing Davenport altogether and demanded that she and her corrupt husband remove their names from Davenport’s campaign literature.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, confirmed that Mack intentionally endorsed Davenport to try to help her save her job, according to two sources inside of Mack’s office who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Canon 5(2) of the Texas Judicial Conduct Code provides:

“A judge or judicial candidate shall not authorize the public use of his or her name endorsing another candidate for any public office, except either may indicate support for a political party.”

Mack has appeared in campaign flyers and in advertisements on social media with the following comment next to a photograph of Mack standing next to the embattled Stephanne Davenport: “So proud of our great County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport. She is an even greater friend. Thank you for all you do to Make A Difference in MOCO!!! Judge Wayne Mack.”

The Texas Center for Legal Ethics, an arm of the State of Texas, has made clear that judges may not provide opinions about the character of another individual and certainly may not do so with their title as a “judge.” According to the Supreme Court of Texas, the Judicial Conduct Commission, and the Texas Center for Legal Ethics, a justice of the peace may not even have a  bumper sticker on his car supporting a political candidate let alone openly endorsing such candidate.

Besides acting as a loyal member of the Davenport Ring, Stephanne Davenport as County Treasurer is one of the worst abusers of nepotism in the Montgomery County government. County Judge Craig Doyal was instrumental in Davenport’s appointment as County Treasurer in June, 2013, after longtime and revered County Treasurer Martha Gustavsen retired. Within a few months of coming into office, Davenport hired County Judge Craig Doyal’s daughter as a payroll clerk in the Treasurer’s Office in order to foster her close political ties to the corrupt County Judge, who also follows the direction of Marc Davenport with respect to purchasing and information technology policies of the County government.

During September, 2016, Davenport secretly attempted to promote Doyal’s daughter to the position of Assistant County Treasurer, a promotion which would have garnered Doyal’s daughter a substantial pay raise. Davenport’s nefarious plan, which she labeled a “reorganization,” ran into a brick wall when County Human Resources Director Dodi Shaw and Assistant County Human Resources Director Kathryn Flowers confronted Davenport and Doyal’s daughter in a September 26, 2016, meeting that the so-called “reorganization” was just a nepotistic promotion of the County Judge’s daughter.

In retaliation, Doyal and Davenport tried to terminate Shaw as the County’s Human Resources Director, but Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack intervened to prevent the termination of Shaw, who happens to be a person on Doyal’s infamous “Hit List” of County employees who did not support Doyal’s election in 2014.



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