Lt. Governor Dan Patrick on Commissioner James Noack: “This commissioner has shown courage in the fight for property tax relief!”


Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick congratulating Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack for his courage, fortitude, and bravery in fighting against Craig Doyal’s WATT (“War Against The Taxpayers”).

Houston, February 20 – In a major news conference, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick told Texas citizens about Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack, “This commissioner has shown courage in the fight for property tax relief!” Patrick, Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston), and Senator Brandon Creighton (R-The Woodlands) thanked Commissioner Noack for supporting broad tax relief across Texas in the form of Senate Bill 2, which would limit government tax rate growth to 4% per year unless the people within that jurisdiction vote to approve the higher rate. Far more importantly, Patrick, Bettencourt, and Creighton recognized Noack’s work for bringing efficiency in government, working to try to reduce Montgomery County government spending, and recognizing that the Montgomery County government and other taxing authorities are taxing people out of their homes.

Senator Creighton said, “The voices of Montgomery County citizens are calling for tax relief. Commissioner Noack is a great leader for efficiency in local government. We need property tax relief now.”

Noack added, “Taxpayers are fed up with property tax relief. Meaningful relief is a must. I’m here to remind you, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, Senator Bettencourt, and Senator Creighton, that you’re standing up for the right thing.”

Senator Bettencourt noted that Montgomery County finally passed a homestead exemption from property taxes for the first time. Noack had proposed a 20% homestead exemption, but County Judge Craig Doyal and Commissioners Charlie Riley and Mike Meador were not willing to give up tax dollars to spend, so they voted Noack’s proposal down 2 to 3. The 10% substitute passed by a unanimous vote. Montgomery County remains one of the most bloated County budgets in the United States.

Noack promised, “I wanted the 20% homestead exemption but didn’t get that done right away. I’m going to challenge the Commissioners Court to get that done before the July 1st deadline.”

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, along with Riley and Meador, are leading the War Against The Taxpayers (“WATT”) in their efforts to continue massive increases in government spending, even though County citizens are having to sell their homes, because they can no longer afford the massive property taxes. Many taxpayers have paid their home mortgages off but still face losing their homes due to the freewheeling spending of Doyal and his colleagues leading the WATT. Noack has openly challenged Doyal on spending and tax issues.

Lieutenant Governor Patrick commended Noack for “his courage to be a leader on this issue” and thanked Noack on behalf of all of the citizens of the Great State of Texas.

True Texas relief will come to Texas citizens only when governments begin to reducing spending. Under County Judge Craig Doyal and Commissioners Riley and Meador, Montgomery County spending has increased 428% since 2000, while population has only grown 84% during the same time period.

If the County had limited spending during the past seven years to the rate of inflation plus population growth, as Republican voters stipulated in a 94% vote in a referendum contemporaneous with the Republican Primary in 2010, the County Budget would only be $327 million, as opposed to the bloated $381 million budget Doyal, Riley, and Meador have rammed into effect. Clearly, at least $54 million in cuts are appropriate. The work of the Citizens Budget Committee, which formed this past December, has already revealed that $54 million in budget cuts would not reduce any County government services. That Committee is working to propose a Fiscal Year 2018 Budget that will increase law enforcement spending substantially but still cut County government spending by a net $60 million.









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