LSGCD Vice President Hardman announces 49th anniversary of 21st birthday of Melder

Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board member and former Conroe Mayor Webb Melder.

Conroe, January 16 – Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) Vice President Harry Hardman, a stanch pro-citizen advocate, announced that January 16, 2019, “will be the 49th anniversary of the 21st birthday of Webb Melder” at the conclusion of the LSGCD meeting on Tuesday, January 15. Hardman, who is one of at least two LSGCD Board members known for song and dance, then proceeded to lead the entire room in a rousing version of “Happy Birthday.”

Webb King Melder, Jr., was born on January 16, 1949. When Melder was born, some guy named Harry Truman was the President of the United States. Alben Barkley was the Vice President. Sam Rayburn of Texas was the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. When Melder was born, iPhones didn’t exist.

John C. Breckenridge, who was the 14th Vice President of the United States, from 1857 to 1861, was also born on January 16.

Meanwhile, in other LSGCD news, Simon Sequeira, the Quadvest President who was also President of Restore Affordable Water, the pro-citizen property rights group which was instrumental in the election of the conservative reform LSGCD Board members in the November 6, 2018, General Election, announced the commencement of the campaign of Viva Ocho Loco! No a SJRA.

Simon Sequeira, 8th Most Powerful Man in Montgomery County, January 15, 2019. VIVA OCHO LOCO. NO A SJRA. Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board member Jim Spigener (background) looks at the new campaign theme in admiration.




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