Lone Star GCD staff seeks to trick Board into voting for liberal pro-Big-Government propaganda at February 12 meeting

While it may sound benign, in reality, National Groundwater Awareness Week is about as benign as the crazy pro-transgender adoption resolution the Montgomery County Commissioners Court passed in late 2017.

Conroe, February 12 – One of the tricks of liberal pro-Big-Government activists is to convince representative political entities to adopt proclamations which are really guises for their liberal agenda. The Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) will confront such a trick during their regular monthly Board meeting for the month of February at 6 p.m., Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

The liberal bureaucratic staff of LSGCD, under the direction of anti-citizen, pro-regulation Kathy Turner Jones, LSGCD’s General Manager also known as the “Wicked Witch of the Water,” has placed a resolution on the meeting agenda to “proclaim March 10-16, 2019, as ‘National Groundwater Awareness Week’ in Montgomery County.”

The proposal sounds awfully friendly and benign.

It’s not.

All seven of the LSGCD Board members came into office in the November 6, 2018, General Election on a platform against groundwater regulation and in favor of property rights of the citizens. Several of the candidates, but most particularly Precinct 2 representative Jim Spigener, explained during the campaign that Montgomery County is the “Saudi Arabia of groundwater” because of the massive amount of groundwater resources this community enjoys. It is the seller of surface water, the San Jacinto River Authority, which has attempted to fool Montgomery County citizens into believing that groundwater requires conservation and regulation, so that citizens, cities, and utility companies will have to purchase the SJRA’s expensive surface water in the alternative.

Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Director, Place 2 (Commissioners Precinct 2) Jim Spigener. Spigener is staunchly pro-property rights and pro-citizen.

Thanks to the organization, Restore Affordable Water, and conservative activists who fought to elect an anti-regulation Board of Directors, all of the pro-citizen, pro-property-rights candidates won election. Turner fought their election every step of the way and even used public resources, belonging to the taxpayers, to fight against the election of this entire Board currently in office. Turner was so vehement with her use of public resources to win the election for pro-regulatory forces that Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon had to step in, admonish her against violating the law by using public resources for political gain, and stopped Turner dead in her pro-Big-Government tracks.

That’s one of the many reasons the LSGCD Board should view everything that LSGCD’s staff proposes with a high degree of skepticism.

The Board clearly should turn back the proposal to proclaim “National Groundwater Awareness Week.” The website of the proposed “national…week” makes clear that one of the “Top Groundwater Myths…[is] Groundwater is abundantly available, therefore does not need to be conserved.”

In other words, one of the foundational ideas behind National Groundwater Awareness Week is that we need more regulation of groundwater for the purpose of conservation, even though Montgomery County is the “Saudi Arabia of groundwater” and even though all seven LSGCD Board members came into office on anti-regulation platforms.

The Board should “just say ‘no.'”

In other matters, the Board will continue its discussion of the Management Plan to achieve Desired Future Conditions, the core groundwater regulation of LSGCD. This Board, the City of Conroe, the City of Magnolia, utility companies, utility customers, large groundwater producers, and regular citizens have all rejected the proposed over-regulation of groundwater which LSGCD had included in its original Management Plan. As Texas A&M University’s Bush School of Government has explained, the only “shortage” of groundwater is “regulatory-induced.”

The Board will also receive a presentation from the United States Geological Survey which seeks to continue to sell its services, which should be unnecessary in an anti-regulatory environment.




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