Local sage O’Sullivan leads national boycott of NFL

Local sage Bill O’Sullivan (left, sans socks) interviews Precinct 2 County Commissioner candidate Gregory Parker at a Montgomery County Tea Party meeting.

The Woodlands, September 28 – Local sage and political activist Bill O’Sullivan of The Woodlands is leading a national boycott of the National Football League for its tolerance of professional football players who refuse to stand during the National Anthem at the beginning of games.

O’Sullivan is a Marine whose son and father also served in the United States Marine Corps. O’Sullivan’s son is on active duty as a Marine right now. O’Sullivan is the Treasurer of the Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC and a leading force in conservative politics. Precinct 3 County Commissioner nominated O’Sullivan for a Board of Directors seat on the Montgomery Central Appraisal District during the Tuesday, September 26, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting.

During the final 2016 preseason game of the San Francisco 49ers on September 1, 2016, quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose to kneel during the National Anthem as a protest in which he claimed that the United States oppresses black people. During the 2017 regular NFL seasons, numerous players throughout the league have begun to “take a knee” during the National Anthem. On Monday, September 25, the entire Dallas Cowboys football team “took a knee” before the National Anthem to show unity behind anti-racism protesters but then unison rose for the National Anthem.

O’Sullivan began his campaign against the NFL on Saturday, September 23. “Since Saturday I’ve cancelled Sunday Ticket, dropped out of an NFL Pool that I’ve participated in for forty years, written USAA my first urging [that they drop their television sponsorship of the NFL]…it will escalate, located Alejandro Villanueva of the Steelers on Facebook, am looking to remove Direct TV as my Cable Provider (I’ll know more today), I will look into eliminating AT&T as my cell provider (I need to find a similar coverage area without roaming charges) and pushing for an NFL Boycott Sunday for Veteran’s Weekend through viral social media unless they take a stance supporting their rule on pre-game and the Anthem.”

On Monday, September 25, O’Sullivan explained, “Yesterday I noted that the NFL decided to use USAA as a prop to their decision to disrespect our Flag, Anthem and Nation. NFL rules forbid that. Until the NFL comes in compliance with those rules, I respectfully request that USAA suspend their sponsorship of the NFL. Additionally I think Alejandro Villanueva of the Pittsburgh Steelers showed that he played on a lot bigger team in his three Afghanistan Tours. He brought meaning to his West Point Motto, ‘Duty, Honor Country.’ This needs to be recognized.”

O’Sullivan has confirmed to The Golden Hammer that he has been involved with direct discussions with top executives at USAA and that he is making progress in his negotiations to get the insurer to drop its sponsorship of the NFL.

“One more thing. I expect Roger Goodell to pull a Senator George Aiken and declare victory and go home. He will say the point has been made. That will happen either this or next week,” O’Sullivan concluded.

Numerous Montgomery County citizens have complained about the political demonstrations. “I don’t like to mix politics into my sports,” Jason Millsaps, Chief of Staff to State Representative Mark Keough, who is running for Montgomery County Judge as a “reform” candidate in the 2018 Republican Primary Election, said.

Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark, one of the most avid fans in the entire Houston Texans Nation, agreed. “I watch football for football. I’ll read ‘Drudge’ or The Golden Hammer for politics,” the commissioner averred.










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