Local Montgomery County Republican candidates roll to easy wins, while Reed, Cook, grassroots conservative Republicans deliver decisive margins to help Cruz statewide

Local Montgomery County Republican candidates roll to easy wins, while Reed, Cook, grassroots conservative Republicans deliver decisive margins to help Cruz statewide

Image: Montgomery County Judge-Elect Mark Keough celebrates his gigantic win at a rally with United States Congressman Kevin Brady on Election Night, November 6, 2018.

Conroe, November 7 – Local Republican candidates cruised to gigantic victories over democrats in the November 6, 2018, General Election. The democrats were largely inconsequential with the highest percentage democrat vote-getter being Lorena Perez McGill, who ran for the Texas House of Representatives against victorious Republican Nominee Steve Toth.

McGill received support from many allies of Wally Wilkerson, the Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman who is heavily involved with Associated Republicans of Texas, a liberal statewide organization many of whose members endorsed democrats during the General Election. Wilkerson had supported another Republican Jackie Waters against Toth in the March 6 Republican Primary Election. Waters endorsed a number of democrats herself in the November 6 General Election.

The local democrats failed to make any serious inroads among Montgomery County voters. In the 2016 Presidential Election, democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton received 23.3% of Montgomery County votes. Jay Stittleburg, the democrat who ran for Montgomery County Judge, received 25% of the November 2018 General Election vote and ran a much more robust campaign in this community than Clinton did in 2016. It’s not surprising that McGill received the highest percentage vote of any democrat running in Montgomery County, because she had the support of some “Republicans in Name Only” such as Wilkerson and Waters. She also ran in The Woodlands where the democrats have the strongest organization.

In reality, however, the Republicans in Montgomery County soundly defeated the democrats. It wasn’t even close. The enormous margins that the Montgomery County Republican Party, under the leadership of Vice Chairman Reagan Reed and Victory 2018 Steering Committee Treasurer Kelli Cook, delivered made a decisive difference in the Cruz-O’Rourke race for the United States Senate as well as in the local races.

Cruz had a 77,000 vote margin, approximately, over O’Rourke in Montgomery County alone. Cruz’s margin of victory was only approximately 200,000 votes statewide.

Kristin Bays managed to eke out 100% of the vote to become the 284th District Judge-Elect.

At press time, midnight, with 96 of 96 Precincts reporting, here are the results of Montgomery County for contested races only (without showing third parties):

United States Senate (President Trump’s support, ,Cruz’s strong voting record and O’Rourke’s shady past made the difference)

Ted Cruz, Republican 136,953 (72.36%)

Beto O’Rourke, Democrat 50,889 (26.89%)

United States Representative (never a doubt; Brady essentially ran unopposed)

Kevin Brady, Republican 140,477 (74.62%)

Stephen David, Democrat 44,432 (23.60%)

Governor (Abbott showed great leadership by spending his campaign funds to help other Republicans)

Greg Abbott, Republican 144,193 (76.08%)

Lupe Valdez, Democrat 42,736 (22.55%)

Lieutenant Governor (Patrick spent a fortune to help other Republicans)

Dan Patrick, Republican 137,172 (72.55%)

Mike Collier, Democrat 48,294 (25.54)

Attorney General (Paxton is an outstanding Attorney General and deserved to win)

Ken Paxton, Republican 135,691 (71.92%)

Justin Nelson, Democrat 48,887 (25.91%)

Texas Comptroller (Hegar won because he is the Republican)

Glenn Hegar, Republican 140,072 (74.68%)

Joi Chevalier, Democrat 42,589 (22.71%)

Commissioner, General Land Office (Republican won)

George P. Bush, Republican 138,384 (73.51%)

Miguel Suazo, Democrat 43,331 (23.02%)

Agriculture Commissioner (the ever popular Miller continues his service as an outstanding Ag Commissioner)

Sid Miller, Republican 136,477 (72.77%)

Kim Olson, Democrat 47,449 (25.30%)

Railroad Commissioner (Craddick enjoys a popular family name)

Christi Craddick, Republican 140,186 (74.76%)

Roman McAllen, Democrat 42,971 (22.92%)

Justice, Supreme Court, Position 2 (Republican won)

Jimmy Blacklock, Republican 140,054 (74.81%)

Steven Kirkland, Democrat 47,150 (25.19%)

Justice, Supreme Court, Position 4 (Devine is one of the most popular conservative jurists in Texas)

John Devine, Republican 140,266 (75.00%)

R.K. Sandill, Democrat 46,746 (25.00%)

Justice, Supreme Court, Position 6 (Republican won)

Jeff Brown, Republican 140,505 (75.06%)

Kathy Cheng, Democrat 46,694 (24.94%)

Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals (Keller is a tough and popular jurist)

Sharon Keller, Republican 138,468 (73.82%)

Maria Jackson, Democrat 45,381 (24.19%)

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7 (Republican won)

Barbara Hervey, Republican 141,526 (75.81%)

Ramona Franklin, Democrat 45,159 (24.19%)

State Senate, District 3 (Nichols’ re-election was never in doubt)

Robert Nichols, Republican 24,242 (82.59%)

Shirley Layton, Democrat 4,724 (16.09%)

State Representative, District 3 (Bell fits his District like a glove)

Cecil Bell, Jr., Republican 38,212 (80.48%)

Lisa Seger, Democrat 9,271 (19.52%)

State Representative, District 15 (Toth is a conservative Republican leader statewide; he beat the establishment twice this year)

Steve Toth, Republican 52,761 (67.25%)

Lorena McGill, Democrat 25,697 (32.75%)

State Representative, District 16 (Metcalf is the perfect representative of Conroe)

Will Metcalf, Republican 49,097 (80.36%)

Mike Midler, Democrat 12,001 (19.64%)

Montgomery County Judge (Keough is a spectacular person and has made strong specific commitments about what he’ll try to do)

Mark Keough, Republican 139,352 (74.70%)

Jay Stittleburg, Democrat 47,187 (25.30%)

District Clerk (Miller ran a great campaign and will be a conscientious District Clerk)

Melisa Miller, Republican 140,663 (76.01%)

John-Brandon Pierre, Democrat 44,398 (23.99%)

County Treasurer (Bush replacing Stephanne Davenport will be a blast of fresh air)

Melanie Pryor Bush, Republican 140,951 (75.88%)

Mandy Sutherland, Democrat 44,808 (24.12%)

County Commissioner, Precinct 2 (Riley enjoyed the support of his Magnolia core plus straight-ticket Republican votes)

Charlie Riley, Republican 43,108 (78.50%)

Ronald Keichline, Democrat 11,804 (21.50%)

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 (this position fits Beasley perfectly; he’s the perfect successor to Judge Edie Connelly)

Matt Beasley, Republican 52,823 (67.84%)

Claire Lindsay, Democrat 25,046 (32.16%)

Lone Star GCD Director, Position 2 (Restore Affordable Water (RAW) reform candidate won)

Garry Oakley 11,705 (40.90%)

Jim Spigener 16,914 (59.10%)

Lone Star GCD Director, Position 3 (RAW reform candidate won)

Jon Paul Bouche 13,069 (44.97%)

Richard Rankel 2,066 (7.11%)

Richard Moffatt 5,512 (18.97%)

Christine Moore 8,412 (28.95%)

Lone Star GCD Director, Position 4 (RAW reform candidate won)

Jonathan Pyrkryl 12,499 (63.40%)

Gail Carney 7,215 (36.60%)

Lone Star GCD Director, Position 5 (RAW reform candidate won)

Gregg Hope 36,902 (37.85%)

Francis Bourgeois 22,167 (22.74%)

Harry Hardman 38,426 (39.41%)

Lone Star GCD Director, Position 6 (RAW reform candidate won)

Jackie W. Chance, Sr. 4,654 (38.75%)

Webb Melder 7,357 (61.25%)

Lone Star GCD Director, Position 7 (RAW reform candidate won)

Larry A. Rogers 11,388 (54.26%)

Emery E. Gallagher 3,929 (18.72%)

Kent Maggert 5,671 (27.02%)

Lone Star College System Trustee, Position 8 (Sullivan coasted to an easy victory)

Mike Sullivan 14,124 (80.69%)

G Puente 3,380 (19.31%)

Conroe ISD Trustee, Position 1 (Inman was the conservative and soundly defeated the democrats and the Riley PAC)

Paul K. Piper, Jr. 9,810 (16.60%)

Theresa Wagaman 16,894 (28.59%)

Dale R. Inman 22,127 (37.44%)

Kathleen Haramatuk-Swisher 10,266 (17.37%)

Conroe ISD Trustee, Position 2 (Sanders won easily)

Ray Sanders 35,098 (61.53%)

Kevin McZeal 7,124 (12.49%)

April Andreski 14,822 (25.98%)

Conroe ISD Trustee, Position 3 (Hubert won easily)

Skeeter Hubert 37,671 (65.62%)

Jamie Quinn 19,734 (34.38%)

Woodlands Township Position 2 (Boniface ran a great campaign)

Treva Taglieri 8,715 (34.68%)

Brian Boniface 16,417 (65.32%)

Woodlands Township Position 4 (Rieser is a genuine community resource)

Frank Dargavage 6,271 (25.75%)

Bruce Rieser 18,087 (74.25%)

Chateau Woods MUD Director (After Bob Bagley’s and The Golden Hammer‘s endorsements, this election was not in doubt)

Keith Polk 157 (28.04%)

Cassandra Merceri 168 (30.00%) WINNER

Steven R. Mitschke 168 (30.00%) WINNER

Dick Allen Forrester 67 (11.96%).








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