Local artist Joseph Sager shows his talent

Willis artist Joseph Sager.

Willis, April 8 – With the Woodlands Waterway Art Festival occurring this weekend, many citizens in our community have the artistic bug. One of the great local talents in Montgomery County is longtime conservative activist Joseph Sager, who has served as a GOP Precinct Chairman, worked on many campaigns, and advanced many causes. Sager is a licensed HVAC technician. He owns a security products firm. Right now, he’s stuck at home waiting for knee replacement surgery. As a result, Sager has a lot of time on his hands to create. Here are two of his latest works of art with the names Sager has given them.

Title: “King of Darkness”

Medium: Computer graphics

Year: 2017.

King of Darkness.

The Golden Hammer’s review: Sager has exhibited a nice use of colors. Otherwise, that’s a downright creepy objet d’art.


Title: “Prince Charles of Government Darkness”

Medium: Computer graphics

Year: 2017

Prince Charles of Government Darkness.

The Golden Hammer’s review: Despite the floating head, Sager has revealed a sense of abstract expressionism that would easily put him in the category of Kandinsky or even Pollock. There’s a lot more going here than in any Rothko work.


Hopefully, you’ll be able to see more of Sager’s work in a coming exhibition, although his caliber of work may suggest that the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum may be the only appropriate locale for such cunning masterpieces.



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