Letter to the Editor from Nathanial Wells, Candidate for Place 4, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District

Dear Editor:
I appreciate your coverage of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District board election.
I value your publication’s perspective, and would like to provide a few corrections to your coverage of my candidacy in the story from August 24, “Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board Election Draws Full Slate of Candidates, As RAW Applauds Citizen Interest”.
My wife and I are proud homeowners – and do not reside in an apartment. Additionally, you noted that it appeared all candidates who filed on the final day (August 23) are pro-SJRA. That may be the case for all candidates except me; other than paying my water bill, I have no affiliation with the SJRA. I was inspired to run for Place 4 on the Board of Directors after Simon Sequeira’s appearances at the Montgomery County Tea Party PAC meeting and on It’s Hammer Time.
To be clear, I am running because I am tired of rising water prices and the hand in glove actions between the SJRA and LSGCD. I am a proud grassroots conservative. I have been a delegate to the SD and State GOP conventions, and am currently serving on the Rules Committee of the Montgomery County Republican Party County Executive Committee. I am proud to say that I stand by the 2018 Republican Party of Texas Platform.
Again, I appreciate your coverage of the board election, and I look forward to continuing to read your newspaper!



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