Letter to the Editor: David Watkins on President Trump, NATO

This photograph of David Watkins (left, foreground) perfectly reveals his inquisitive nature.

Publisher’s Note: David Watkins is a retired oil company executive. He was born in San Jose, California, and graduated from Willow Bend High School on Cottle Avenue. He graduated from Pepperdine University. Watkins was also a successful software development entrepreneur and management consultant during his career. He has so many grandchildren that everyone has lost count.

Dear Mr. Publisher:

I am concerned by President Trump’s actions yesterday and over the the past year in regard to NATO.  Of course, I am a fan of the post-war Eisenhower as a matter of full disclosure.
I know the Donald wants to have a presidency of historic proportion and to do something truly noteworthy – a great goal if it increases security and prosperity for the US.
I wish the President would spend more effort on establishing an alliance with China, South Korea and possibly other countries in the Pacific that is similar to NATO rather than being hard on NATO (might have to resolve Taiwan first, I guess).  You might say Japan and China will never join, but together Germany, the UK and France aligned not long after the war.  China has its own aspirations, but it seems that linked alliances spanning the two oceans, each with our own spheres of influence, might work. In my view, China is more like us – though an earlier version of us – than many NATO countries.
Keep up the good work,
Dave Watkins




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